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Rural tourism

Inside the Argentinean tourist offer, one of the most novel modalities is the visits to stays for the day or to house in them. It is an alternative of authentic serenity and contact with the life of the field.

The helmets of these stays have been recycled and most bill with beautiful parks, pool, courts of sports, besides horses to mount.

Some offer a programmed day that it includes Creole gastronomy, show gauchesco, walks in carriages and other typical proposals.

The history is present in some built helmets by the middle of the XIX century, for where they have happened general, presidents, poets and other outstanding figures of happening national. Of that time they conserve (besides the architecture) furniture, squares and authentic old objects that grant them a very special attractiveness.

Here the 32 more spectacular alternatives are described, all located in the extensive plain that surrounds Buenos Aires and to not more than 160 km of the Capital.

Each establishment possesses a strategy of particular commercialization. Some are attributed to chains of specialized and other tourist operators they are managed with autonomy.

All have small capacity and several they are assisted by their own owners, with distinction and personalized service. In all the cases it is necessary to reserve and to be announced previously.

Lodging in Estancias in Chajarí
Las LomitasA 2 Km De Sta. Ana - Tel: (03456) 420899 / 421647 / 1562

Rural Tourism in Colón
Posada La ChoznaRuta 14 Km 169 - Tel: (03447) --421912
La Aurora del PalmarRuta 14 Km 202 - Tel: (03447) 421549 / (03447) 15625
La Aldea - Tel: (03447) 423057

Lodging in Estancias in Concepción del Uruguay
El VigilanteRuta 14 , Km 111,5 (a 25 km de Concepción del Uruguay) - Tel: (03442) - 422135
San Pedro3 de Febrero 149 - Tel: (03442) - 427459
Santa CándidaEntre Arroyo de la China y río Itapé - Tel: (03442)-422188
Villa TeresaRuta 14, Km 140, San Cipriano - Tel: (03442)-422851/2

Lodging in Estancias in Concordia
San Miguel(0345) 155 087632 - Tel:

Rural Tourism in Federación
Doña Orfilia(0345) 421 9647 - Tel:

Lodging in Estancias in Gualeguay
Las ColasRuta 12 a 10 min de Gualeguay - Tel: 4131-1100 (Buenos Aires)
La Esperanza(03444) 427787 / 424316 - Tel:
La Jarra(03444) 15 574309 - Tel:

Lodging in Estancias in Gualeguaychú
Itapeby(03446) 433423 - Tel:
Estancia La Azotea60 Km de Gualeguaychú por RN 9 - Ceibas - Tel: (03446)49-2007

Rural Tourism in Gualeguaychú
El OcasoA 185 Km de Buenos Aires por RN 9, Zárate B. Largo y Rutas 12 y 14. En Km 31,5 girar 3,5 km a la derecha - Tel: En Buenos Aires4743-0581
Itapeby(03446) 433423 - Tel:
Campo ChicoCamino a Ñandubaysal - Tel: (03446)-15645216
Don CarlosBv. De Regatas - Tel: (03446)-433325
Don HilarioBv. Regatas - Tel: (03446)-434178
El EdenCamino de la Costa - Tel: (03446)-423783
El Nuevo ParaísoCamino de la Costa - Tel: (03446)-15578675

Rural Tourism in Herrera (C. del U)
Chacra Los Quinchos(03442) 494081 - Tel:

Lodging in Estancias in La Paz
El ParquecitoRuta Prov. 1 Km 21 - Tel: (03437) 15606848
El Desafio(03437) 422289 - Tel:
El SauceRuta 12 , Km 580 - Tel: (03437) 481019 - 156 07993
Estancia El DesafioBelgrano 336 - Tel:

Lodging in Estancias in Paraná
Campo de Aventura Costanera 24Levenson y Las T. De Nuremberg, Paracao (a 5km del Centro de Paraná) - Tel:
Los LaurelesCerrito (a 26 km de Cerrito y a 70 km al norte de Paraná) - Tel:

Lodging in Estancias in Victoria
El CerritoRuta 11, Km 106 (a 8k de Victoria) - Tel: (03436)-422497
El GarbónRuta 11, Km 81 (a 50 km de Victoria) - Tel:
Los Lirios(03436) 421386 - Tel:

Rural Tourism in Victoria
La Casitas de Flores(03436) 422497 - Tel:

Rural Tourism in Villa Elisa
Don Leandro - Tel: (03447) 480470
Establecimiento Don Enrique362 Km por ruta 9 - Tel: (0347)-17640296

Lodging in Estancias in Villaguay
Estancia El AlgarroboSan Martín 72  - Tel:
Establecimiento Las MercedesSan Martín 72  - Tel:

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