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Park of the Menhirs
Parque de los Menhires

Parque de los Menhires

Parque de los Menhires

Parque de los Menhires

Parque de los Menhires


In the town of The Lean one, to 15 Km . toward the This of Tafí of the Valley, it is the Archaeological Reservation The Menhirs, a property with more than 50 megaliths of the culture Tafí 1 that dates of between the 820 a .C and the 780 D.C.


In a property located on a soft hill they are willing The Menhirs. Megaliths that you/they speak to each other with a symbolic language that they connect us with the world of the fertility, of the direct communication with the phenomena of the nature: the rain, the drought, the sun

Although the interpretations are many and all diverse ones, is the certain thing that they overcome us to the secrets of the old towns, in what they believed?, what do you force strange and invisible they governed their daily life?, and their gods, how did they call themselves?

The first investigations are registered from 1897 and they were in charge of the Archaeologist Juan Ambrosetti who dedicated great part of their investigative potential to decipher the enigma of the monoliths of the area. Ambrosetti left a legacy of having dedicated successors like Quevedo, Bruch, Jaime will Fry who continued with the work. It had the support of the National University of Tucumán, I eat likewise later of diverse organisms for their study and years for disposition of the Secretary of Tourism of the county, you creó the Park the Menhirs, located in The Lean one to 10 Km . to the south of Tafí of the Valley, for the provincial route N° 307.

At the moment there are gathered 129 stone giants.

The opposing ones in the area, those that were in the Park 9 of Julio (in the center of the capital) and others lying in private properties, they were transported carefully until the area.

This way it can appreciate them together all and they really achieve an impact more than surprising. But on the other hand, when eradicating them of their initial place they have been removed the force and the magic, that is to say, they were in an elected place completing a specific function as for the good fortune of the town, promoting favorable climatic changes.

Some of these stone blocks overcome the 3 meters. of height.

All sunk vertically in the floor, are made of stone granite carved ago behind between 1.000 and 10.000 years.

The engravings resemble each other to forms of animals, of human and geometric lines.

To a first look the field seemed to have been sowed by quantity of phallus monuments, always putting the connotation in the fertility and so much fecundity of the aboriginal ones as of its animals.

Contributing to their understanding the Archaeological Museum has risen Juan Ambrosetti where all its work is exposed: manuscripts, pictures, texts of the process of the discovery, etc.

A journey for this symbolic square to participate of the game of the magic thing, of the religious thing, to touch and to sketch minimum-mind the revelations of the creation, of the principle; because if something makes these impactantes sculptures it is to go into in our obsession of wanting the hints and crossroads of the civilizations that preceded us to guess right

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