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Trekking en Argentina

Trekking en Argentina

Trekking en Argentina
Trekking or long walks is an activity that practices in all type of lands, and does not have restrictions of age, sex or physical training conditions.
As in all activity diverse degrees of difficulty exist, and it is possible to be raising gradually as it is acquired experience. The routes are divided in four types of difficulty: weigh, average, moderate and difficult.
This specialty presents variants like trekking of ascent or ascensionismo, that it requires of previous a physical training and to know certain rules basic security.
In order to make trekking it is good that one considers to adapt the level to the one capacities, for using noticeable lands and it is recommended to take cane, since this one supports 8 % of the corporal weight.
Finally at the time of arming the equipment to make an expedition, it is necessary to remember that each person can load, at the most, until 20 % of his weight , to avoid backaches and waist, reason why it is advised to take enough and necessary.
Recommendations to make trekking

For a trekking day (in Spanish," senderismo") it is indispensable to take: special footwear to climb, country of coat, lantern, canteen with water, food, eyeglasses with filter of ultraviolet rays and first-aid kit of first aids.

In the list of main recommendations they figure not lowering running (for the risk of twists); not to camp neither to light fire; if it is cloudy or spreads to cloud over, to defer the exit for lack of visibility; and to have special care of to move away the residuals and to deposit them outside of the forest.

The pampas has the mountain Source of the Baptism Sierra de la Ventana
This very near the federal capital and their landscape of low and meticulous mountains is ideal to use for the first time the hiking path that the villagers have just reopened.
Trekking in Cascade Co Lemu Villa La Angostura
The cascade Co Lemu is a journey of 19 km that this located to 8 km of Villa Traful, it is ideal to carry out walks for a forest full with you space wild and I eat end of the trip we will find a beaut...
Trekking for the paths of the Hua Hum San Martín de los Andes
Perhaps the best journey for the area of the Lake Hua Hum is that that the experts call" the path of the Hill Mallo.
Trekking to Peninsula of the Coihues Villa Pehuenia
This walk is of a journey of 6.400 m and skirting the lake and Villa Pehuenia, in the itinerary will appreciate the forest autochthonous and different beaches of volcanic sands.
Trekking to the Volcano Batea Mahuida Villa Pehuenia
This walk is a hard walk that begins to the height of Villa Union for one itched, in the itinerary will observe a fan of landscapes, with pehuenes, volcanic geomorphology, lagoons, natural observatori...
Climbing to Uritorco Hill Capilla del Monte
The Hill Uritorco of 1.970 meters on the level of the sea, is the scenario where happened along these years, some facts, not yet explained from the rationality. In aboriginal language URITORCO, it cou...
El Durazno, the place where the histories of goblins are made reality Villa General Belgrano
El durazno, a beautiful distant town only to 7 Km of Yacanto, it is a worthy place of visiting one another.
Hiking to the journey of the Indian Villa Carlos Paz
We will leave from the Franciscan convent" Fifth of the Boy God'; that were donated to the congregation at the beginning of the XIX century. Of the vegetable gardens of these facilities they came the ...
Hiking in Villa Berna Villa General Belgrano
The road that unites Villa General Belgrano with The Cumbrecita surprises to its step with the appearance of a picturesque population with 32 called stable inhabitants Villa Berne. To 7 kilometers of ...
Inti Yaco rest, sport and nature in a single place La Cumbrecita
The march takes us for the road that The Cumbrecita unites with Atos Pampas among astonishing landscapes. Lacking little more than 2 kilometers we are surprised Inti Yaco, an important cord of water t...
The nature shines in Ongamira Capilla del Monte
To the north of the Small Mountains, to 1200 msnm, to 110 km . of the city of Córdoba, 31 km . from Capilla del Monte only 17 km . of the Gulch of the Moon (Los Terrones) we are surprised Ongamira and...
Los Terrones, a jewel of the treasure cordobés Capilla del Monte
Escorting the mysterious Hill Uritorco (1980 msnm) the Autochthonous, Cultural and Recreational Park appears Los Terrones, a place for the astonishment.
Hiking in San Miguel de los Ríos Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
The opinions of many Cordovan coincide in that San Miguel de los Ríos is one of the most wonderful landscapes that his county shines in all the times of the year.
Trekking to the Cruz's Hill in Villa Carlos Paz Villa Carlos Paz
Those fond of the trekking have the opportunity to make an amusing walk until the Cruz's Hill where they will find a space of serenity together with a beautiful panoramic view of Villa Carlos Paz.
Tour to the Caves of Wayra in Tilcara Tilcara
The beauty of the valleys and the culture quebradeña are magnified with the singular religious festivity of easter
Hiking to Peñas Blancas Tilcara
From the center of the city of Humahuaca we will be able to perform a mini 2km hiking, along the left bank of the River Grande and get to know the archaeological site of Peñas Blancas.
Park National Gulch of the Condorito Villa Carlos Paz
The province of Córdoba, rich in natural scenarios, stores from 1996, in the Departments of Punilla, Santa María and San Alberto, extensions of virgin earth where wonderful birds reign: the condors.
Chilecito a walk for Mine La Mexicana Chilecito
The trip toward the mine The Mexican begins in Chilecito. When leaving the city, our vehicle advances for a powdery one on the way to rubble until the town of Santa Florentine
Circuit City lost in the National Park Talampaya La Rioja
In the National Park Talampaya, maximum pride of the riojanos at geographical level, is Lost City , the most extensive circuit in Talampaya. Its journey, as that of the whole park, is a trip to the be...
Velasco's mountain and the towns of the coast La Rioja
Hiking for an area of the province that is ideal for the rest and the view of the nature. In the area they can be carried out cavalcades, hiking and fishing
Trekking in Cascades of Manqui-Malal Malargüe
In Malargüe, on the National Route 40 in the Km 362 a privileged place exists to enjoy the nature, the mountain range in its but pure state and for ende, of the tourism it risks in all its range of ac...
Trekking in The Cavern of the Witches Malargüe
Malargüe is a department of privileged natural scenarios. Together with the neighbor General Alvear, also, is center of Mendoza 's cattle production, very strong in the provincial south.
Trekking for the Valley of the Condors Mendoza
The permanent wind sweeps this clear valley of the department of Tupungato where settle old chacras and stays that offer very good food and exquisite wines gently .
Reserves Yaguaroundi and the Kingdom of the yaguareté Posadas
This splendid natural reservation is an opportunity that the lovers of the Nature in its wilder state cannot let happen easily
Trekking in the Waterfalls of the Iguazú Puerto Iguazú
Without a doubt is the beautiful girl of the province of Missions and some of the first more imposing natural attractiveness of the Argentina and for that not to say, of America . Together with the Na...
Trekking in the Jumps of Moconá Puerto Iguazú
El Soberbio is to 300 asphalted kilometers, and that the serpenteante rubble itinerary continues for the Reservation Biosphere Yaboty and Moconá ends in the Provincial Park .
Hiking to "La Islita" San Martín de los Andes
You do not need to be fit to enjoy an amusing hiking in the surroundings of San Martín de los Andes, only 5 kilometers away from the city going along winding tracks , you will arrive to "La Islita"(Th...
Trekking to the Mirador Lemu Cura Villa La Angostura
This walk is of a total distance of 6 kilometers and it requires for its realization a good physical state and it is advisable to take a canteen with water.
We make trekking in the Escorial Junín de los Andes
This is a walk located to 56 km of Junín de los Andes that can be carried out between day with a low grade of difficulty, the good times of realization they are of September May (then it gets complica...
Lagoon Las Mellizas and Paintings Rupestres Villa La Angostura
For this trip it is necessary to cross the Lake Traful until the Big Peninsula and from there in having felt N.O. it leaves an upward path of considerable slope between a forest of cypresses and radal...
Catritre Beach and Quila Quina Village San Martín de los Andes
Leave San Martín de los Andes by National Route 234, also named "de los 7 Lagos" and after driving for 4 kilometers you will see to your right, the road that leads to Catritre Beach. The road zigzags ...
Hiking to the Green Lagoon San Martín de los Andes
We leave from San Martin from the Andes in car for the call route of the seven lakes (RN 234), skirting the Lake Lácar to our right and bound for the Base of the Hill Chapelco, distant to 20 km . of t...
Hiking to Cerro Colorado San Martín de los Andes
Leaving from San Martín de los Andes along National route 234 to Junín de los Andes , you get to a turning on the left next to the Virgin of the Mountain.
lago_tomen_por.php Aluminé
This walk is to 45 km of Aluminé, it is an on the way to rubble, where there are trips for lakes and surroundings and free camping site, minimum 3 days. Take provisions. Add to their binocular team an...
Lake Tromen and International Step toward Pucón ( Chile ) Junín de los Andes
The Lake Tromen is one of those places that deserves to visit one another. There will find a spectacular landscape, dominated by the volcano Lanín, with beautiful greenish waters and you die volcanic ...
Trekking in the snow in Primeros Pinos Zapala
To get to Primeros Pinos from Zapala, go 45 km along paved Provincial Route 13. From Villa Pehuenia, go 90 km along rubble Provincial Route 13 until you reach your destination.
Hiking and Climbing in Castaña Overa Glacier San C. de Bariloche
If you are fond of outdoor sports, you should not miss the chance to get close to a glacier. In Bariloche you will find plenty of opportunities
Trekking in the Cajón del Azul El Bolsón
Who go to El Bolsón they usually mention 3 or 4 unforgettable points of their trip: the homemade beer, the fair hippie, the peace of the town, the protection of the hill Piltriquitrón. But there is a ...
Trekking to the Head of Indian El Bolsón
To six kilometers of the center of the Andean district you will be able to find a curious rocky formation that erosionada for him wind and the rain resembles each other to the profile of an aborigine....
Hiking in Cauquenes, Laguna La Rosada and Cerro Volcánico San C. de Bariloche
To get to the summit of Cerro Volcánico from Pampa Linda it's takes us around 4 hs to 6 hs of walk. The way back is between 3 hs to 5 hs by the same way.
Hiking to the Valley of the Los Perdidos San C. de Bariloche
To go on this hour hike with your family you must go to Neumeyer shelter, 20 km . from Bariloche, along national route 258 to El Bolsón.
Trekking to the Saltillo de las Nalcas San C. de Bariloche
This is a walk it is very beautiful and easy of carrying out of a duration of 1 hour of walk where you will see a cascade and rot to pass below her.
Trekking in the Hill Amigo El Bolsón
Diverse paths bring near until the cross, from which the main plantations of hop of the valley are come. Walking toward the south you arrives until the crag that one of the best low panoramic views in...
Neumeyer Shelter and Valley of the Chalhuaco San C. de Bariloche
18 km . from Bariloche city in a south east direction is the shelter of Club Andino Dr. Juan Neumeyer, in Nahuel Huapi National Reserve, where you can do eight interesting walks through the Challhuaco...
Trekking in the Nahuel Huapi National Park San C. de Bariloche
A good alternative when visiting Bariloche is to enjoy the adventure in paradisiac places, arriving at the refuges of mountain of the National Park Nahuel Huapi.
Trekking and nautical sports in Lake Gutiérrez San C. de Bariloche
The Lake Gutiérrez this to only 15 kilometers from the center of Bariloche to which you arrives for the National Route N° 258, this lake is a party for the senses.
A walk to the Ventisquero Negro San C. de Bariloche
Este paseo permite una caminata en la p arte inferior del Glaciar Rio Manso del Tronador y naciente del Rio Manso que es denominado Ventisquero Negro
Hiking around "El Divisadero" Ruins Cafayate
Seven kilometers away from Cafayate to the Southeast, you can go around an old Diaguita- Calchaquí settlement and appreciate important vestiges of this Ethnos opencast.
Trekking and bird-watching of birds in the National Park El Rey Salta
The birdwatching or observation of birds is an ideal activity to carry out in the National Park El Rey for the great diversity of copies that contains.
Vicunas sanctuary in the National Park San Guillermo San Juan
It is the place more far from San Juan and until today a handful of visitors has only discovered its treasures. Vicuña earth and puma where the nature is erected proud and immaculate.
Trekking in the Petrified Park of La Leona El Calafate
Some millions of years ago behind, the steppe patagónica was a warm atmosphere and of leafy vegetation. A silent witness of those remote times is the petrified forest of La Leona that this located to ...
Trekking in Glaciar Perito Moreno El Calafate
Walking on the Perito Moreno glacier triggers out our imagination towards a science fiction tale. An experience to discover and be fascinated by this famous mass of ice.
Hiking in Los Antiguos Los antiguos
You can go on a very interesting outing to Cerro Zeballos, 2.743 m . high, with very good camping equipment, provisions, clothes and footwear. South west of the plateaux of Lake Buenos Aites are the ...
Hiking to Laguna Capri El Chaltén
From the city of El Chaltén you can go on several hiking trails within Los Glaciares National Park , where you will enjoy nature in all its splendor, exercise your body and clear up your mind in a pro...
Footbridge area Perito Moreno Glacier El Calafate
To only 30 kilometers of the entrance of the National Park The Glaciers, the sector of gangplanks of the glacier Perito Moreno is an excellent place to contemplate the beauty and stateliness of his bl...
Hiking to Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Sucia El Chaltén
To go on this outing you leave from El Chaltén, or if you have walked to Laguna Capri, you may leave from that place (see outing). It is ideal to wear hiking shoes since this trail is more difficult ...
Hiking to Glaciar Piedras Blancas El Chaltén
At scarce 15km from El Chaltén, the El Pilar inn is the starting point and destination of hikers and climbers who are in search of discovering and exploring these latitudes.
Hiking in El Chaltén El Chaltén
Its name was given in homage to the primitive inhabitants, the Tehuelche aborigines, who thus called the mount next to the village. El Chaltén sits on an old glacier basin, surrounded by creeks. From ...
Hiking and Climbing in Torre Glacier El Chaltén
After a repairing night and an unforgettable dawn in Capri Lagoon (see outing), you start your adventure to the Glacier on Mount Torre .
Trekking in the Glacier Martial Ushuaia
Martial Glacier is 7 km . from the city along national route 3, which is fully paved and signalled. This glacier constitutes the most important source of drinking water in Ushuaia and an important tou...
Hiking in Lake Escondido Tolhuin
Located in a spectacular location, from Tolhuin has to take the Route Nac. 3 toward the south. The road, already of rubble, it skirts in their first tract the lake Fagnano on their south riverside.
Trekking in the National Park Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia
Although their natural conformation doesn't differ mostly of that of its couples, what confers him originality to the National Park Tierra del Fuego is to be the only possessor of marine costs, since ...
Hiking in Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia
Hiking circuits in Tierra del Fuego present a span of possibilities for priviledged adventures in the end of the world. The Andes range presents two well defined areas.
Hiking and Navigating in Ushuaia Ushuaia
A voyage that will take you back to the beginnings of the Earth's evolution. The starting point of an experience through the boundaries of civilization, where adventure and beholding are present at ev...
Circuit Big Serrano San Luis
A journey that allows to know picturesque populations, beautiful landscapes mountain, monumental engineering works and moving historical monuments, in a half-day trip.
Hiking and rappel in the Jump of the Tabaquillo Merlo
The trekking is carried out in the Salto del Tabaquillo, a cascade of water of 18 m of height that is overcoming the gulch of the stream The Mill during an hour and a half of intense walk.
Mining tourism in San Luis Merlo
In this walk we will travel to the heart of the mountain feeling their to palpitate, traveling around 1000 meters for the tunnels of the Mine of The Condors or to visit the First floor of Véliz (slate...
Behind San Martin's steps in San Juan Barreal
With stocking voyages and discharge difficulty, the step of The Ducks and the hill Mercedario is two poles geographical sanjuaninos that offer the possibility to play an unforgettable adventure.
Hike to Mount de la Virgen Villa General Belgrano
We went on an amusing hike to Mount de la Virgen. On its summit, we caught a panoramic sight of the entire area. We found the strong snowed silhouette of Mount Champaquí on the horizon.
Trekking in Alerce Valley San C. de Bariloche
This walk allows us to know the valley of the larch where we will find millennial trees, a lagoon, a cascade and unb glacier amid a beautiful landscape.
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