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Thermal bathrooms in Argentina


As tendency of century end it continues in foot the turn to the natural thing, for what every day charges more validity the treatments that rescue the potential of the nature to treat many illnesses and to favor the general balance of the organism. In this sense, the therapies with thermal waters are profiled like a help of first order, well be to mitigate the pains of the rheumatism, to combat the estrés or like merely aesthetic joy.

The thermal bathrooms have as origin a spring for which hot water sprouts during the whole year and whose temperature is quite superior to the atmospheric one to come from the underground. These waters contain diverse mineral substances and from centuries inmemorables is attributed medicinal properties. As they count old legends, the medicinal properties of the thermal waters were discovered by animals as the bears, deer and boars, besides birds like swans, cranes and blue that used to visit the thermal springs to cure their paws or wounded wings. It is as well as the humans learned how to appreciate the "gifts" of this gift of the nature, because in remote times there were not appropriate medications to assist the different illnesses, reason for which constituted the only remedy for ailments so diverse as wounded, gastrointestinal problems, neuralgias, arthritis, rheumatism and traumatisms, among many others. Although there is enough of certain in it, they don't lack who put in doubt so much marvel. Now then, that that if it is irrefutable it is the therapeutic value that the thermal bathrooms offer to rest in a calm place and to escape from the mental fatigue and physics.

They exist to the long thing and the wide thing of our country, several thermal centers with different characteristic and services for all the likes and possibilities.

Some but near to Federal Capital, others in places but distant that combine their thermal waters with landscapes of great beauty and other activities, as well as there is a great variety of hotels of different categories that allow to enjoy the thermal bathrooms and treatments. To obtain bigger information we recommend him to go to our section of thermal baths.

The Thermal baths of Concordia Concordia
In the denominated place The Espinillar, 10 km to the north of the city, it is the complex Thermal baths Concordia, for two bridges located on the parking it is entered to this picturesque property of...
Balthing Therapy in Copahue - Caviahue Caviahue-Copahue
The place has internal thermal installations with sulfurous, ferruginous waters, green water with algae, immersion muds and external pools in the open air in Laguna del Chancho and Laguna Verde
Thermal baths of La Paz La Paz
One of the reasons for which should come closer to enjoy the city of La Paz is their offer of establishments of beauty and aesthetics thought to leave the upset rhythms that cause the stress behind
The Thermal baths of Gualeguaychu Gualeguaychú
Nature, tranquility and well-being are the so valuable properties that the visitor will be able to find in Thermal baths Gualeguaychu, an attractive property of 20 hectares .
Columbus 's thermal baths Colón
During the whole year Columbus 's city, has a very good alternative for the rest and the search of a better quality of life.
The Thermal baths of Chajarí Chajarí
In a park of 40 hectares , on the National route, a tourist complex rises with a temperature of 40,3º in well mouth and appreciated therapeutic properties.
The thermal baths of Villa Elisa Villa Elisa
The Complex thermal baths Villa Elisa is located to some scarce 4 kms. of the city on the National Route N ° 130 whose waters reach a temperature of 41°.
The thermal baths of Federation Federación
The nature has offered to Federation a half excellent one for the relax and the rest. Starting from 1994, from 1260 meters deep, a generous drinkable and crystalline thermal liquid emerges that comes ...
Marine thermal baths in San Clemente of the Tuyu Partido de la Costa
In the coast from Buenos Aires one cannot enjoy alone of sun and beach, but it is also possible to supplement it with the tourism health. The Center Hidrotermal Marine, inaugurated in 1992, is a valid...
Thermal centers in Carhúe Carhue
Located in the municipality of Adolfo Alsina , it is considered a historical place and natural area. The main feature of Carhué is the Epecuén Lake Hydrothermal Center .
The Thermal baths of Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña Presidencia Roque Saenz Peña
The thermal waters owe their origin to a chance. The perforation in search of drinkable water finished with him discovery from a well of thermal waters to 800 meters deep. In 1981 it began to work the...
Thermal baths of the Uritorco Capilla del Monte
In Capilla del Monte, the Thermal baths of the Uritorco are waiting for it to offer him an unique and reparative experience.
Thermal baths of Cacheuta Mendoza
The center arose and it grew starting from the near localization of activities of different types that acquired form in all the cases of it pierces. These are, in appearance order, the tourist activit...
Reyes' Thermal baths Jujuy
Important thermal center located in the RP N º4, summoned in Reyes' picturesque gulch, framed by leafy hillsides.
The Thermal baths of Caimancito Jujuy
In the middle of heart of the Yunga jujeña, the Complex Hidrotermal of Hot Waters is. The Complex is supplied of thermal waters by its own nature.
The Thermal baths of Río Hondo Termas Rio Hondo
These Thermal baths are located in the riverside of the Dulce River in the province of Santiago del Estero, the Thermal baths of Río Hondo are the city-spa more important of the Argentina , to have a ...
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