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The Sports







Alpine ski
It is par excellence the winter sport that consists in slipping for a snowy slope to a speed that allows as much the technique as the value of who skis.
The Alpine ski or of Hint that could be denominated in our Andean country, it is practiced exclusively in the Mountain range of the Andes, in the stations where accumulates the snow, to allow the slip of you ski them.
When you doesn't ski they spend you scheme special that step the snow of the different hints.
It receives the name of alpine ski for it practices them originated in the Mounts Alps that embrace the countries of Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.
Ski of Fund or Nordic
This amusing ski modality in flat land, is capable as much for specialists as for those that come closer for the first time to practices it of this activity. It is ideal to enjoy the snow in family, since it is accessible to all the ages.
The bottom ski is conceived to move for big snowy extensions more than to descend them, like in other disciplines of the ski, for that reason is practiced in itineraries traced to such an effect. The print is carried out for intervention of special machines that draw layouts with different longitudes, paths or difficulties, according to the level chosen by each skier.
It receives the name of Nordic ski for the practice originated in the countries that are located in the Scandinavian Peninsula, as Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Ski of Voyage, of Montain , Free or Randonnée

It is a demand sport for not controlled hints that it joins the mountaineering and the ski. In the original practice, to you ski them is placed in the sole a ribbon of skin of synthetic seal that allows to move slope up without these they slip back and in that way to be able to ascend toward the summit of some mountain to contemplate unforgettable panoramic views and then to descend for free areas, also called outside of hint, only dominated by the limit of who achieves them to ski. The other form is to take off them you ski in ascent parts and directly to walk with the boots of skiing, taking the you ski to the shoulder, subject with the hand and the arm. The other practice denominated heliski, consists on taking the skier by means of a helicopter until a mountain summit, and then to descend the same one for its own means.
The voyage ski is a demanding winter sport. The measures of security are fundamental since in high mountain the winter can be extremely hard. For such a reason it is good to possess a good form physics and to have the appropriate material, to give to know the itinerary and hour of arrival foreseen other people, to adapt the route as much as possible to the possibilities of one, and never to leave in solitary form. In general it is advisable to use the services of guides or of organized trips.
It receives the name of ski randonnée to be a practice originated in France.

Extreme ski
It is a more demanding variant that the skier's previously commented, low exclusive responsibility, carried out by snowy and very sheer mountainous lands, outside of hint, where control doesn't exist some of instructors, pisteros neither you patrol. Also, obviously, to this circuits they don't arrive the machines used to plane or to maintain the hints. Without a doubt it is for highly experienced skiers in this sport, with constant practice.

It consists on to descend and to make balance with varied movements on a chart providing to the one who the practical amusement and sensation of freedom. It is quite interesting for the observers to sometimes appreciate certain dexterities very chancy, and in the sportsmen young bill every time with fonder for their easy learning.

Several types of charts exist in function of the different styles, sizes, abilities and tendencies.

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