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To Santa Rosa of Conlara and surroundings
Vista de Merlo






Embalse La Huertita



Pesca en Embalse La Huertita



Bajho de Veliz


A walk where you can go to the spa but big of San Luis province and also to know the reservoir La Huertita, and to continue to Villa pains in the county of Córdoba


From the center of Merlo to take the provincial route 5 and to about 18 kms you will find the city of Santa Rosa of Conlara


Santa Rosa of the Conlara


It is the last town sanluiseño in the route to Villa Dolores, Córdoba, the same one possesses a beautiful spa, the one bigger than the county, and a hostel. In their orderly layout they join several large houses of century end, among which the neo-Gothic tower of its church emerges.

The town was born at the beginning of last century next to the chapel of Santa Rosa from Lima , lifted in its stay by the captain Manuel Antonio Salazar. In 1858, the governor Daract ordered to delineate it and to grant lots and cultivation lands gratuitously, under the condition that was closed with walls, built and worked. The process of distribution of lands continued in the second half of last century, with new mensurations and demarcations. In 1898, a great carried out auction of lands Santa Rosa 's day it collected money to take the works of the new temple ahead


From this town it can visit the following places:


Dam La Huertita


This located among the splendid hills, this to seven Km. To San Martin's west for paved road. In the place there is good fishing; the Nautical Club emits the permits.


San Martin


Located 7 km before the reservoir, it is a small village of colonial origin with walls, adobes and añosas groves. Their church conserves a beautiful carved altar and an enormous bell. First it was known as Corner of Rosebushes or of Angola , then as Santa Bárbara and, in 1972, took the current name. In the decade of 1830 it was shaken by montoneras and malones, there are hostel, restaurant and camping site.


Bajo de Véliz


It is to 24 km , for a quite bad road. However, it conforms an adventure trip to scientific interest. in the one that will be able to know a beautiful gulch with remarkable autochthonous flora that a11í finds protection climatic and abundant water. It is an outstanding location fosilífero of flora of more than 200 million years (presumably of old lakes) intermontanos today conserved in strata of gritty. There is also cameras of San Luis' well-known stone slate.


Villa Dolores


The RN 148 finish in this small city, located 43 more km to the north Belongs to the county of Córdoba and it is outside of the valley of Conlara .

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