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Rafting is an equipment sport , where all the crew of the raft row and orient their weight of coordinated way to cross the expresses of the rivers and to stay afloat.
The standard number of people who raise a boat is of six to eight crew according to its size.
The guide, who must know each part retail the river, is the one who directs the movements of the boat.
To that they begin in rafting, we recommended to them that they are located in the center of gomón, where is less movement. Those that already have some experience and prefer to row can go in the front part, whereas the most experimented generally they go back.
In rafting the difficulty degree classifies it according to the rivers, that vary of 1 to 6 degrees , being the:

Grade  Description


It is that of slow current where to fall to the water is difficult, to practice with children and the whole family.


For beginners, the currents are quicker, it can be carried out with the whole family, but there is something more than surf.


Intermediate, with irregular surf, stronger rapids, some slopes.  
Caution: only allowed to children bigger than 7 years.


Advanced, with big slopes, rocks in the road, quick currents.
Advisable it stops bigger than 16 years.


For Experts and deep experts of the topic, with great quantity of difficulties, irregular and quick currents. It is necessary knowledge of security and to manage all the elements and technical of rescate. 


Of High danger, it is not advisable their navegación. 

The companies that offer this class of excursions grant each passenger of all the accessories to enjoy the adventure to the maximum. Oars, helmet, life jacket, dry jacket and even brought humid of neoprene that isolates of the cold, comprise of kit.
In order to be able to make rafting with fundamental tranquillity and the essential thing it is that all the crew of the raft know to swim
Rafting in the Corcovado River Esquel
Risks and adrenaline is conjugated in this activity of active tourism, where the visitor is not only spectator, but rather the direct contact lives with the nature, riding the quick targets of the Cor...
Rafting in the Atuel River San Rafael
Traveling the geography of the Canyon of the Atuel while we descend the waters of the River Atuel in rubber boats it causes an overflowing emotion in adults and children.
Rafting in Iguazú falls Puerto Iguazú
From the hotel, we went to take the ecological train that led us to the station Throat and to be able to carry out the rafting it is this way of 3 km for the Superior Delta of the Iguazú.
Lacustrine trip in Super Gomón San Martín de los Andes
On board the “Super Gomón Mirentxu" of 9 mts. of long and with capacity for 18 passengers will be able to undertake an exclusive trip for the lakes Lácar and Nonthué until arriving to the place of Hua...
Rafting in Hua-Hum River San Martín de los Andes
You first have to settle date and time table with any of the local travel agencies. Then there are three alternatives to get to the starting point of the floating trip.
Rafting in Aluminé river Aluminé
This walk allows to carry out rafting in the river Alumine in the famous corridor of the lakes .
Rafting in the Manso river to the Chilean frontier San C. de Bariloche
This adventure carries out in the middle of National Park Nahuel Huapi, and the beauty is presented in diverse ways, for that reason it is an option more than attractive it is to carry out a rafting f...
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