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Mon. Nat. Laguna de los Pozuelos - Jujuy
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Monumento Natural Laguna de los Pozuelos













This natural monument was created in 1981 by means of the National Law 3749, it possesses a surface of 15.000ha., this located in the north of the Province of Jujuy, among the towns of Rinconada,, Lagunillas, Yoscaba, Cieneguillas and Pozuelos. It embraces it leaves of the Dptos. Rinconada,, Yavi and Santa Catalina.


Administrating entity


Administration of National Parks.


Foundations of their creation


To protect the Lagoon of the Pozuelos next to their aquatic avifauna that is composed in great measure by exclusive species of the atmosphere of the Puna. For their relevance like habitat for numerous aquatic birds, it was included in the List of Humedales of International Importance.




  • From San Salvador of Jujuy: 280 km.
  • From Abra Pampas: 50 km.
  • From La Quiaca: 100 km




The Puna.


General description

The Natural Monument is in an extensive highland located among the 3.400 to 3.800 meters on the level of the sea that receives the name of Puna. These plains or bolsones that are separated by guided parallel mountainous cords of north to south, lack drainages toward the sea. Due to it, the water of the scarce rains or fallen snowfalls in the region, accumulates in the central depressions of the bolsón, forming extensive and not very deep lagoons.

Such it is the case of the Lagoon of the Pozuelos that possesses 25 Km long approximately for 9 Km wide. The extreme aridity of the atmosphere, the poor floors and the rigurosidad of the climate, they condition the development of the vegetable life and animal. For it certain species present adaptations peculiar to these atmospheres, becoming this way in characteristic of a region.

It is not casual, then that find numerous endemic species in the Puna, different to the present in other regions of the country. Their main attractiveness constitutes it the great variety of aquatic birds, exclusive many of them of the atmospheres of the Puna.

The most attractive are the Flamingos, of which present three species are. They accompany them Gallaretas and Ducks. On the surrounding lands they are flocks of Vicuñas, South American camélido of valuable wool, next to groups of Ñandúes Petisos or Suris Cordilleranos

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