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Paragliding in the Argentina


Among the air activities that stand out inside the adventure tourism they are the practices of paragliding, of aladelta and the flights in gliders.

These sports or hobbies have as purpose to make reality that species of ancestral dream of flying.

The paragliding and the aladelta are practiced when taking off a mountain, taking advantage of the currents of wind that ascend for their hillsides to drift and to ascend, achieving flights of long duration.

For the landing it is required of a relatively small space, thanks to the drop or medium speed of these flight.

To carry out a walk in general in glider should leave toward an Aeroclub and to hire the services of some tourist operator that it offers this class of trips.

It is important to pay a lot of attention to what the guides of each activity indicate and in that way to obtain assured amusement.

Paragliding in Puerto Madryn Puerto Madryn
The multiplicity of spaces presented by the city of Puerto Madryn to do extreme sports or alternative touristic activities make of this city a most favourite place for the development of all these new...
Parapente in Cuchi Corral La Cumbre
Those that like of the adventure can add him more adrenaline to their trip to the parapente flights.
Parapente in The Pampas Santa Rosa
The province of The Pampas, and especially the Department Toay (very near to Santa Rosa), it is considered, at national and international level, like one of the best regions for the practice of the fl...
Paragliding in Villa Traful Villa La Angostura
Along Nº 65 National Route , by Confluencia Site, you will go through Traful- Lauquen Camping Site which has all the necessary facilities to camp by the lake and will give you the chance of enjoying t...
To be very near the sky parapente in The Pilquitrón El Bolsón
The man's old illusion of to fly and to conquer the skies allowed the existence of sports so exciting as the parapente. The Bolsón, as many places of the mountain range patagónica offers an excellent ...
Parapente in General Roca General Roca
The geographical accidents that are manifested by the surroundings of General Rock, are capable for practices it of several adventure sports. If you are prepared to carry out diverse exercises, a good...
Flying in parapente towed in Cinco Saltos Cipolletti
One of the man's millennial illusions is to fly, this mystery has him sleepless per centuries, and it doesn't rest in the search of conquering the sky. And the parapente is one in the so many ways tha...
Paragliding in Merlo Merlo
This sport practice consists on drifting with a specially designed candle (parapente) taking advantage of the upward masses of air (thermal and dynamic of hillside) after taking off when running hills...
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