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Mountain Bike in Argentina
Enter in the world of the two wheels and know all the secrets of the mountain bike to travel the mountain in the surest way, this is one of the sports that quicker it has evolved with the step of the time, becoming a much chancier and more amusing modality to enjoy the most inaccessible and complicated places in the mountain.

To make this specialty we recommend you that you take all the measures of security.
Especially using helmet in each walk; this way you will be contributing to that this exciting sport doesn't become in a risk.

Another useful advice is that you always plan your exit, revising each part of the bicycle minutely, especially the chain, the march changes and the pressure of the wheels.
Lastly allowed to be seen in advance when you circulate for the highway.
Mountain Bike in Río Mayo Río Mayo
In the last years, for the surroundings of the town of River Mayo one comes developing an intense practice of mountain bike and of walks in bicycle.
A walk to Punta Ninfas Puerto Madryn
We met the lighthouse of Punta Ninfas. Between thatched tops and cliffs we observe a colony of marine elephants and we walk on a location of millions of years. We observe the flora and the fauna of th...
Cycling to Viewpoint in Punta del Marques Trelew
To go on this bicycle riding you must go to Rada Tilly Village, 17 km . from Comodoro Rivadavia through National Route Nº 3 to the south.
Voyage from the Bolsón to Esquel in bicycle EL Bolsón
There are few activities comparable with the I pedal of mountain. It is for that reason that if sos a fanatic, today we recommend you an incredible voyage: to unite The Bolsón with Esquel for a rubble...
We get off the Sky in Bicycle Embalse
The proposal is to lower from the area of Yacanto for "The Boundaries" (very near to the South of the Champaquí, with few less meters) until Yacanto., for us to move in Traffic, going by Reservoir, Vi...
The crossing of the Comechingones in bicycle Embalse
The alternatives to carry out this walk are varied it can be made to horse, in 4x4 or in bicycle, for the adventurers there are not limits and from here they are organized every year groups of venture...
Mountain bike in the route of the minerals Villa Carlos Paz
This path was traced originally by old miners for the extraction of stones and mica, from the zocavón to the towns.
Mountain Bike in Capilla del Monte Capilla del Monte
In Capilla del Monte, you will be able to enjoy a mountain bike excursion visiting the beautiful landscapes of the area in a different way of travelling.
Traveling around Cosquín in bicycle Cosquín
In Cosquín, you will be able to cycle 10 kilometers along the river drive and admire real beautiful landscapes where nature and man's work provide you with an unforgettable circuit.
Circuit Arrayán San Martín de los Andes
This circuit has a total journey of 22 kilometers it is suggested to carry out them in spring, Summer or Autumn although it can be carried out the whole year.
Circuits in San Martin from the Andes San Martín de los Andes
The mountain range offers multiple options for lovers of the mountain bike that make of the resistance an entire obsession. But clear, those same alternatives can be designed for the joy of a simple w...
Mountain Bike to the cascades of the streams Coa Co and Blanco Villa La Angostura
This walk is a total journey of 5 kilometers and of low of realization difficulty, it can travel him carrying out different tourist modalities as you walks, cavalcades or mountain bike.
Mountain Bike to Lake Espejo Villa La Angostura
In Villa La Angostura you can go on an intense and amusing 24 km . mountain bike ride through the old Lake Espejo road: a winding debris and dust road with steep cimbs and descents.
Traveling Villa La Angostura in bicycle Villa La Angostura
Situated in the heart of the Lakes Corridor, the village offers an uncomparable landscape that you will not forget.
Catritre Beach and Quila Quina Village San Martín de los Andes
A walk to a place with beautiful beaches, an organized camping site, proveeduría, a rural school, a denominated interpretation path "The Cipresal", paintings rupestres, a source of water mineral, a co...
Siete Lagos by bike San Martín de los Andes
This ideal excursion since it is only 112 kilometers long , along Nº 234 Provincial Route which links San Martín de los Andes City with La Angostura Village.
Crossing the Andes by bike San C. de Bariloche
One week full mountain bike through the fascinating Pérez Rosales Pass and you´ll be wondered by the color, transparency and immensity of lakes like Nahuel Huapi, Frías, Todos los Santos and Llanquihu...
The best itineraries of mountain bike in Bariloche San C. de Bariloche
To pedal and to pedal. Routes, earth roads. With rain or with a sun that" it rends" the earth. With effort, to experience with the five senses the famous landscapes of Bariloche.
Mountain bike to the stream Chacay from Villa Llanquín San C. de Bariloche
The right riverbank of the Limay is an inexhaustible source of surprises for our avidity of adventures.
Bicicleta montesa para Cerro Catedral San C. de Bariloche
San Carlos de que Bariloche oferece para uma variedade larga de circuitos por equitação de bicicleta de montanha. Nós recomendamos esta intensa subida a Cerro Catedral ao longo de uma rota pavimentada...
Mountain bike in the forest of Arrayanes San C. de Bariloche
The road is so pretty and refreshing for the spirit that is worthwhile to make it pausadamente, to admire him, and not to pass as crazy to all march with the bike.
Making mountain-bike in the city of Merlo Merlo
Almost the whole city allows to use its streets for this practice. The north journeys to south (and vice versa) they allow to traffic without having climbed neither descents.
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