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Climbing in Argentina
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Climbing in Argentina

Climbing in Argentina


Decide to scale, or to do rappel in the most impressive mountains of Argentina and convert in a great climber.
This he is another one of the adventure sports that day to day have more followers anywhere in the world.
Considered of high risk , it simultaneously uses the physical strength of arms and legs that combines the technical skill of the climber.
To the nascent ones we recommended to him not to initiate ascents in natural walls, but in artificial and low the advising of a professional guide, that by reasonable prices offer all the information theoretical and practical to include in this exciting activity.
By reasons for security it is preferable that each ascent is not made individually, is better to move in group, mainly to be able to share the experience.
Is essential use of clothing adapted to carry out this specialty, that basically consists of a harness of waist, lugs of security and foots of cats that are the specific footwear, very flexible and with cooked rubber sole of great adhesion, in addition to the magnesium resin that it avoids that the hands sweat and lose takes hold.
Before starting off the land is due to examine through which it is going away to happen and if the meteorological conditions were adverse is better to cancel everything, can be undergone some fall or slide.

Mountaineering in the neighbor of the Champaquí, the hill The Totora Villa General Belgrano
To ascend to the Hill The Totora, it is usually a very demanding adventure, it seemed that this neighbor of the Champaquí is sometimes underestimated by the stateliness of the roof of Córdoba.
The paradise of the climbers in The Gigantes Villa Carlos Paz
As valuable treasure of the Pampas of Achala, arriving for the route 28 to scarce 30 km of Tanti, sentries of the Cordovan beauty, The Giants get up (2374 msnm). This granitic mass in capricious ways ...
Looking at the valley with eagle eyes Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
To the vera of the Provincial Route N°5 two unforgettable walks waits for them, these they will be special excuses for unforgettable pictures, to share a snack from the heights or simply to recreate t...
Climbing and Rappel in “ La Palestra ” Esquel
To only 5 Km. of downtown of Esquel, you will be able to make an excellent training of sport escalade and rapel in “The Palaestra”, a natural wall of 30 mts that congregates all the climbers of the ci...
Ascent to the Cerro de la Ventana Sierra de la Ventana
They are four hours of rural walk until the summit of the Hill, to 1.186 meters high. From there you can appreciate the famous window, a natural opening that determined name of the system and the whol...
Escalade in Sierra del Tigre Tandil
Refuge of pumas, flames, deer and pheasants, it is a true natural marvel of 140 hectares located to hardly six kilometers of the center.
High mountain in Mendoza Mendoza
This tourist circuit has two options to arrive to the area of the Mountain range, the first one is entering for the old route of Villavicencio, located in The Heras, an on the way to great beauty pais...
An unique challenge in the summit of America Mendoza
An unique challenge for the lovers of the mountaineering and an unique landscape, without obstacles that the travelers that travel the Circuit of High Montaña admire.
Climbing the Lanín Junín de los Andes
In an unforgettable experience we ascended more popular Andean one of the solid ones of the Patagonia : the volcano Lanín. Teams, authorizations, times and all the necessary one to carry out this trip...
Climbing to the Volcano Domuyo (4709 mts) Chos Malal
The North of the Patagonia has almost unexplored, almost virgin regions. In a geisers mark, waters thermal and immense valleys and gulches rises the point but high of The Patagonia.
Mountaineering to Lagoons Cauquenes, Lagoon La Rosada - Volcanic Hill San C. de Bariloche
This walk of 15 km of march, possesses 1000 mts of difference, and its journey takes among 4 at 6 hours of march to ascend and of 3 to-5 hours for the descent.
Where to make mountain sports in the area of Merlo Merlo
It requires of great experience and a high specialization. In Merlo , rocks can be climbed with ropes, pulleys, grampones and nails. This activity implies a high risk, therefore it is required to cons...
The Mountaineering in Ushuaia Ushuaia
The area near to Ushuaia possesses some areas to carry out mountaineering, next the main places are shown to carry out mountaineering
Activities in the high mountain in Bariloche San C. de Bariloche
The Patagonia is earth of landscapes and changing climate. Their Andean mountain range offers an ideal geography for the practice of adventure sports: kayaking, Andean trekking, bottom ski, etc. Baril...
Piltriquitrón Mount El Bolsón
The walk will take approximately one hour (depending on your marching rhythm) and when you reach your aim, you will be able to behold the Andes Mountain Range with its most important peaks, such as th...
The granite Altars San C. de Bariloche
The needle Frey of the Cathedral is ideal for three day to pure rock in one of the temples of the escalade Argentina and in charge of experts of the Andean Club Bariloche
Trip to the Hill Tronador San C. de Bariloche
From the wide variety of possibilities offered in Patagonia, the glacial area of the Andes may be a good choice.
Mount Fitz Roy El Chaltén
In the region of El Chaltén are mounts Fitz Roy ( Chalten for the aborigenes ) with a height of 3.405 metres , and Cerro Torre with a height of 3.128 metres above sea level, two of the most difficult ...
The Fitz Roy and the stone needles, the challenge for the climbers El Chaltén
Their picks like stone needles distinguish it in any picture or postcard on mountains that it circulates. and, exactly, for their capricious form, not few climbers comes closer every year until its ba...
Climbing the Hill Champaquí Villa General Belgrano
From Villa Gral. Belgrano, strays toward the west, for on the way to earth until arriving to Alpine Villa, in a journey of 40 Km.
Mountaineering in the Hill San Javier San Miguel de Tucumán
Near the city of San Javier's mountain it is shown with all imponent, in her they can be observed, the regional fauna living in a half natural one
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