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The decisive factors of Mendoza's climate are, among other, their geographical latitude, the altitude regarding the level of the sea, the forms of the relief, the distance to the seas and the winds that characterize to the region. the climatic aspects are very differed in the flat areas of the east, in the high summits of their western mountainous cords, in the areas desérticas and medanosas of the northeast and in the landscape that shows the call patagonia mendocina in the south. The relief of the county is decisive to know some characteristics of its climate. The altitude oscillates among the 600 meters, in the east, and the 6.000 meters of the main mountain range and front mountain range, in the west, with a maximum of 6.959 meters (hill Aconcagua).
Régime of rains
The precipitations are scarce in the county. They reach values of 192 annual millimeters in the east and of 343 millimeters in the south. The area of maximum aridity registers in the northeast, with inferior values to the 100 millimeters of annual precipitation. The régime of rains is summery, what means that the biggest precipitations register in the period November-March, with more intensity in the time December-February. The annual half temperature is variable In the east, flat area and of scarce height regarding the level of the sea, the annual stocking reaches the 15,6º C, while in the Southwest the temperature averages yearly it is of 11,4º C. The thermal widths, that is to say, the differences among the temperatures annual stockings of the summer and of the winter, they oscillate among the 13º C in the northwest, in Uspallata, to 1.751 meters high, and 16,3º C, in the flat area of the east.
The winds
The rough relief western mendocino, in the mountainous cords of the main mountain range, determines the little humidity of the atmosphere. The winds of the Pacific, rise and they pass the Andes, where they lose the humidity; they cross the mountain range cold and dry winds The wind that in whose is known as Zonda, it originates in the ocean south Pacific, and when crossing the mountain range, it loses their humidity in the faldeos cordilleranos of Chile, passing as dry wind to the Andean counties. When descending, in the oriental Baldeo of the mountain range, it goes warming, until arriving to the region like a warm, dry, suffocating wind, with temperatures that the 40º C can overcome The wind Zonda it is manifested with more intensity in the months of August and September. The winds of the Atlantic, due to the distance with the region, have a perceptible action in the summer. their action originates the characteristic storms of the desert, torrential, concentrated on space and time that take place mainly in the period December-February.
The stations


The spring mendocina is short and it can be rainy. October is usually the most pleasant month, since they begin to arrive the winds of the Atlantic and the climate takes less dry and warmer. The summer is rainy and unstable, with electric storms and hailstorms that produce serious damages in the cultivations. The short and pleasant autumn, he/she has sunny and serene days, but they can be presented icy premature very harmful. The winter it is characterized in the areas of the valleys and plains, for clear, lukewarm and dry days due to the action of the wind Zonda. This contrasts with the south sector whose days are fresh, and with the high mountains where storms of snow take place.
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