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Church of Sacred Domingo










The temple of the friars dominicos in The Rioja is one of the buildings of bigger antiquity of the country. Their stone walls are conserved from the original construction of the church, in the first half of the XVII century. The work was financed by the field master Pedro Ramírez of Velasco, the founder's of the city son.


A long and narrow ship distinguishes the simple interior of the historical church. Their longitude of 47 m and their width, smaller than 7 m , they impact as much as the great thickness of 1,25 m of their lateral walls

The paintings that decorate the ship include the Crucified Christ's old representation, of origin cusqueño.

In the altar this the image of the Virgin of the Natural ones, next to that of Sacred Domingo of Guzmán, founder of the order of the dominicos, and that of San Francisco and Assisi, guest of this order

The temple has an image of the virgin of the natural ones that is the image of the Rosario 's Virgin that the aboriginal ones adored in 1600.

The refections of the temple in the XX century returned a similar style to the original.

The reed-mace replaced to the steeple of a tower that was destroyed by the earthquake of 1894.

The convent of the dominicos is located next to the church. The friars of this order, seated at the end of the XVI century, they have developed from here their missionary task toward the four cardinal points

The patio of the convent is a beautiful space with source, arbors, orange trees and jacarandaes, to which give the cells and conventual living rooms

The discovery next to the altar is an old Crucified Christ that a friar found buried next to remains of coal.

The door possesses an magnificent work of having carved in locust wood, carried out perhaps for aboriginal, when getting up the original building.


Yesterday bells


In the patio of the convent the bells of the XIX century are conserved that lolled in the tower of the temple before the earthquake of 1894.




  • Address: Lamadrid 111.
  • Tel. (03822) 42-5318.
  • Schedule: the temple remains open of Monday to Saturday, of 9 at 12.30 and of 18 at 22. On Sundays, their doors only open up in the morning.
  • Employer parties: they are carried out August 8. In that occasion, the image of dressing of Sacred Domingo of Guzmán is taken in procession.
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