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Folkloric museum of The Rioja
Museo Folklórico de La Rioja




Museo Folklórico de La Rioja




Museo Folklórico de La Rioja




Museo Folklórico de La Rioja




Museo Folklórico de La Rioja





The Folkloric Museum of The Rioja has its headquarters in a beautiful large house that was residence of the family Pazos Moreira. The journey of its rooms offers an attractive panorama of several of the traditions and customs rooted in the society riojana. Each one of them recreates an aspect different from the culture and, with their name surrenders homage to artists and local poets.


The exhibition is distributed in six salts around the central patio of the house.

The patrimony includes collections of objects donated by several artists riojanos whose names baptized diverse rooms.

As unlosable pieces they are the pieces for the elaboration of the wine patero in the room Cellar, the silver objects and the representations of the beliefs diaguitas in clay figures.

In the museum booklets are sold that inform on the history and the patrimony of the museum.


Room Chapel


The room Chapel reflective several religious traditions and rites, and it exhibits the gears used in the celebration of the Tinkunaco. On an old altar of the chapel of the Virgin India of Sanagasta, there is a beautiful image of stone of San Nicolás of the XVIII century.


Room Bedroom


The second room recreates the atmosphere of a typical bedroom of an old rural housing. Next to the furniture and to some garments of dressing, handmade fabrics of wool ovina are exhibited. These have constituted one of the crafts of more diffusion in The Rioja, and their application you leave in ponchos, blankets, shawls, strips, blankets, saddlebags, carpets and a diversity of pieces of the farm tool of mounting.


Room Kitchen


In the room Kitchen reproduces the intimacy of the provincial home with their Creole vent, seats and wooden table. There are several utensils elaborated handmadely, as baskets and tipas made with vegetable fibers, wooden china carved in a single piece, tablespoons, a shovel for bread (also wooden) and pots of cooked mud.


Room cellar


In the room Cellar they are the elements that are good for the traditional elaboration of the wine patero and of other alcoholic drinks: the press of whole leather to elaborate came, the tinajón to keep it and a long cane to prove it. Diverse leather "yoles" is also exhibited to transport grains and raisins, baskets for grapes, trunks for clothes and horn chifles to take water and alcohols. There is also an old copper still, used in the distillation of liquor and staple.


Room of Platería


The rich mines of silver of the Famatina woke up the art of the goldwork riojana. The careful work of production of decoration pieces, utilitarian objects and of cult they gave origin to a craft very appreciated in the region. This small room takes for name that of Pedro Fontéñez, grateful silversmith, and in its cabinets matés, facones, spurs, promises and the goldsmith's several tools are exposed.


Room of Mythology


In the sixth room, the rich mythology of the aboriginal culture of these lands has become a series of clay figures that represent the different deities diaguitas wisely. The creativity of the artists Marinates Córdoba and Jorge Ponce it stands out in particular in its vision of the party of the Salamanca .




  • Address : Pelagio B. Luna 811 (corner Catamarca), The Rioja.
  • Tel. (03822) 42-8500.
  • Schedules: Tuesday to Friday, of 9 to 12 and de16 at 20; Saturdays and Sundays of 9 at 12.
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