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RN 79 from The Rioja until Ulapes
El Chamical
Embalse de Olta
Iglesia de Virgen del Valle
Iglesia de San Nicolás de Ambil
Monumentos a Facindo Quiroga en la Plaza de Olta


Leaving The Rioja you the oriental skirt of the mountain of The Plains travels, with special attractiveness for hunt and fishings.

Trip of 214 Km . for all season, with a station of service in Olta and lodging in Ulapes, Olta and Chamical.


Leave The Rioja toward the South for the RN 38 to the 63 kms you arrives to Patquia, from there we continue for the RN 38 until arriving to the one Chamical




In the decades of 70 80 it worked the Air base here Chamical of the Air force Argentina that developed programs of ballistic rehearsals and misilísticos, and studies of high atmosphere. It is the second more important urban nucleus of the plains, with services and hotel.


Leaving Chamical continues for the RN 38 until arriving to Olta




It is a charmer and gentle town, it has a singular history (descripto on the way the commanders). It has hostel, restaurant and fuel.


After Santa Rita of Catuna the pavement begins (between Tello and Catuna they are 31 Km . consolidated). To 3 Km . of Catuna, a deviation to the left of 7 Km . for consolidated road it takes to the dike Anzulón, with good pejerreyes fishing. From there an attractiveness journey that crosses the mountain for the Park Guasamayo continues and it takes to Malanzán (explain in the Walk on the way to the commanders)




It is a gentle town to the foot of the mountain and a good territory for hunt of hares pampeanas and castilla, vizcachas, partridges, martinetas, pumas and boars. In the village it can contact baqueanos. Near 1 Km . later on will find a lodging and a camping site spa, with pool fed by mighty mountain slopes.


Of Ulapes to the north is 30 Km . until the crossing with the RN 141 that it unites with San Juan and Córdoba. The road continues toward the north for the coast west of the mountain of The Plains that is extended and of scarce slope. It unites modest towns where they rise imposing churches in Desideno Tello, that of the Virgin of the Valley, of Gothic inspiration, built in 1929, and in Ambil, that of San Nicolás (1934), today in lamentable abandonment Its presence in so solitary places is unusual. They testify a deep religious spirit and the wide diffusion that had in the country the styles historical Europeans of the first decades of the century.


The mountain of Ulapes begins in the limit with the province of San Luis, has 45 Km . of extension and 1.000 m of height.

To the north, it is separated from the main mountain group for a plain that connects Córdoba and San Juan . It presents an area of big stays, with village head in Ulapes.

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