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Adventure route in the RN 76






The national route 76 drive, toward the northwest of Villa Union , to a loner and extensive region open to the adventure tourism. Villa Castelli, Vinchina and Jagüé are the populations that you happens before climbing to the imposing desolation of the high Andes .


Star of Vinchina


This made by the aboriginal ones with stones of three colors and with probable ends rituals, and it is six stars of 28 m of diameter, drawn with reddish stones, azulinas and white. There is not certainty on their meaning and, in general, they are attributed ceremonial functions (oratories). One of them 1 Km is located. to the west of the center of the town


Gulch of the Troya


This gulch is spectacularly cut by a mighty river that has left exposed millennial geologic stratifications.

This fertile and extensive valley, formerly called Caguay, it is framed by the majestic volcano The Caps.


Sanctuary of the Virgin of Andacollo


This sanctuary was lifted Jagüé on high by a Chilean miner that lived there. it is, the main sanctuary of this cult is to the Southwest, in The Serene one ( Chile ). During three centuries has received pilgrims, come to loin of mule of the vast Andean area, where you the scallop.


Refuge of Stone


They were built in, the XIX century for the muleteers they sprinkle the route that takes to the step of Black Pircas . In the area this the landmark of Black Pircas, to 4.165 m of height, marks the one it limits international


Great crater Crowns of the Inca


In the confines of the Mountain range of the Andes or vast I circulate of Volcanos they contain an immense crater to the 5.400 m . s.n.m.

With a diameter of 5 Km . approximately and to 5.530 m . s.n.m., it is located to the foot of the volcano Pissis, some of the highest from South America .

The crater crowns of the Inca it contains a spectacular lake of blue waters in its interior of 2 Km . of long for 1,5 Km . of wide. One of the few ones under conditions of being navigated, world record of Diving

And inside the, a spectacular lagoon of waters blues fed big glaciers, is ideal to carry out an incredible adventure in 4x4 to challenge your own ones you limit.


Brave lagoon


The mirror of water and salt located 4.200 m of altu ra occupy an area of 50 km ' inside an extensive Provincial Reservation that protects the flora and native fauna of that lonely region altoandina. The imposing panorama is completed with the proximity of the majestic volcanos Cap and Veladero.

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