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History of La Rioja
La Rioja
Fiesta religiosa en La Rioja
It is the capital of the province, located to the foot of Velasco's mountain and in the border of two contrasting territories: the mountains, toward the north, and the extensive plains, toward the south. Both landscapes, as next as different, they give La Rioja their particular character.

It belongs to the group of older cities of our country, it was founded in 1591 by gift Juan Ramírez of Velasco, Spanish conqueror of very noble lineage who gave him the name of their native town, La Rioja, in Castile The Old one.

The founder governed the vast viceregal province of the Tucumán. Anxious to populate it and to find wealth, it mounted, with the farmer Blas Ponce, the expedition «more important and better provisioned» that was registered in the chronic comarcanas.

After two months of prowesses, talando mounts and skirting deserts, the caravan arrived to Yacampis, a small oasis with water of the gulch, gift-of there were canals and indigenous cultivations.

Elect the place, in a protocol ceremony was carried out the foundation. The city received a layout to square, with a bigger square in the center, surrounded of the main institutions.

Until ends of the XIX century it was the only urban center of the province and it conserved the features of a colonial city, with old families of ingrained traditions and large houses with patios of orange trees, perfumed by orange blossoms.

The earthquake of 1894 knocked down that Rioja and it transformed its image, but they were in foot histories, customs and a proud feeling localista that stays I live and it is expressed daily in multiple forms.
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