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On the way to the commanders for Olta














Donde mataron al Chacho





Chacho Peñaloza





Parque Guasamayo





Parque Guasamayo





Escalando en Olta
Walk for the mountain of The Plains , from The Portezuelo until Olta, culminating place for their historical meaning.

For a direct road, crossing the mountain for the Park Guasarnayo ( 54 Km . of earth)


The walk begins 38 Km . to the north of Chepes (RP29), in a village of the High Costa of the mountain of The Plains to the one that you arrives from the route for an on the way to earth that goes into 1 Km . in the serranía and you will arrive to San Antonio.


San Antonio

In this place the commander riojano was born Juan Facundo Quiroga and it is a picturesque one and evocativo place, almost as detainee in the time. They characterize it their empty square and the humble church where Facundo was baptized sustained by thick buttresses that they help her to resist tremors and the weight of the years. Walking for their lomadas is discovered vetustos locusts, corrals and some few dispersed Creole ranches, as that of the Quiroga, of adobes and pirca, so affectionately maintained that it seems still inhabited.

The Quiroga settled down 200 years ago in San Antonio , next to the mountain of Argañaraz , name of the commander's maternal family. The property was located strategically, halfway of The Rioja Córdoba, San Luis and San Juan, that which I facilitate that its father, merchant and farmer with muleteers' troops ended up being the man more influential do the area Facundo formed in that means like muleteers' boss and after militias, it reached a deep knowledge of the plains, their men and problems and in him it laid the foundation their ideals of federal commander later.

Continue to the north for the RP26 and, in 39 Km . it will arrive to The Portezuelo. From there deviated 10 Km . toward the mountain to arrive to Malanzán.



It is a town llanisto next to which is the property Anajuacio that belonged to Facundo. You will be able to know their house very well maintained that shows the commander's austere rural life. You resembles other ranches of the area a lot, but they highlight the best construction in the stone walls with mud the structure of the roof with locust horquetas and the taken care carpentry all resolved one with simplicity and stability

The place is picturesque. with lomadas, small herdsmen and a stream. The town has an irregular, open layout, where it can contact baqueanos for hunts or to organize trips for the mountains. You will find gentle surroundings to camp and to enjoy country walks.

From Malanzán it continues for the RP28 toward Solca. In this tract of great beauty paisajística is the Park Guasamayo.


Park Guasamayo

It has pleasant places to stop to camp in a typical mountain atmosphere of valleys hills and gulches, with an autochthonous forest in the hillsides and rocky elevations surprisingly erosionadas. It is the natural step that unites the high costs and it gets off the mountain of The Plains, it was crossed countless times by loss commanders and their llanistos and had prehispanic poblamiento, like they testify the petroglifos (signalled).

Later on, where the road is divided takes the left. After 9 Km . to the right there is a short deviation of 1 Km . that it takes to the property The Chimney of the colonial time.

Return to the route and continue 12 Km ., go by the dike of Olta (with good pejerreyes fishing and camping site) and it will arrive to Olta




It is a beautiful and gentle town of the low coast of the mountain, with shady and small streets fifth watered by canals. Their square conforms a delicious tree-lined oasis. with enormous drunk sticks, casuarinas, timbós, aguaribayes stars federal and great variety of other autochthonous and exotic species.

The organization of the town is lineal with two parallel streets that they are born in the route and they conclude in the bus terminal that they contain basic equipment for the traveler: hostel restaurant and trade. A spa offers pleasant and fresh bathrooms

From there they can be carried out walks and cavalcades for the mountains

In Olta inhabited an aboriginal community that extinguished at the end of the XVI century because their agent. thwarting the ordinances of populations eradicated the natives. But it takes the abandoned lands they were occupied by the cacique Chantán and their people who received holding of property in 1607 and they lasted like one do the last towns of Indians of the plains, until ends of the XVIII century.

The peace that today much reigns in Olta dista of having been a constant in their history

By the middle of last century it was center of the commanders' power and headquarters of the army camp of the general Ángel's Vicente Peñaloza who from here it organized great part of their actions against the centralist forces of Buenos Aires.

In Olta you hill in a bloody way an important chapter of the Argentinean history with the head of the «Chacho» nailed in a pike and exposed in the main square.

It was murdered January 5 1864 in the neighboring town of Hill Blanca , 3 Km . to the south, there it is conserved, solitary and respectfully taken care by the neighbors, the ranch "of a certain Gold", where it housed. It has been organized a pedestrian road that takes to the place, jalonado for twenty-eight steps in those that felt verses of a long versed gauchesco are read that narrates the event detailedly.

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