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To Villa San José of Vinchina and Jagüé
Estrella de Vichina
Estrella de Vichina


You will go into in the valley of Vinchina , door of the old road cordillerano.

Circuit of 136 Km . round trip until Villa San José of Vinchina for a paved road, without tourist infrastructure. From there, for a consolidated road will be able to travel 76 Km . round trip toward Jagüé. Trip of a minimum day.


Villa San José of Vinchina


It is departmental head. 65 Km is located. to the north of Villa Union for the RP26. It is a small town of old aboriginal poblamiento that left an enigmatic testimony in six geometric stars of 28 m of diameter, drawn with reddish stones, azulinas and white. There is not certainty on their meaning and, in general, they are attributed ceremonial functions (oratories). One of them 1 Km is located. to the west of the center of the town (to see outline).

Villa San José of Vinchina is door of the old road cordillerano that The Rioja unites with Copiapó ( Chile ), for the step of Eats Horses and for other near ones. The itinerary was used in before Columbus , colonial times and until half-filled of this century. Plus recently tried to couch a modern international road, but everything was stopped after the construction of the first 10 Kms.. , today, the route is a typical one via of adventure.

Continuing the Walk, now for a consolidated road, the first valley to the west of Villa San José of Vinchina is Jagüé. You consents crossing the cord of The Colorado for the narrow gulch of The Troya, spectacularly cut by a mighty river that has left exposed millennial geologic stratifications.

This fertile and extensive valley, formerly called Caguay, it is framed by the majestic volcano The Caps.

In the wide tributary fluvial, main basin of the Vinchina, abundant pastures are developed that sustained the prosperous cattle economy until century principles.

The main street of the High Jagüé is the channel of the dry river, constantly tunneled by the rains that you/they have left it to 3 m below the level of the houses.

This is the last town toward the steps cordilleranos of The Rioja and it presents humble testimonies of the ancestral knots that unite both slopes of the Andes . There is a modest oratory to the Virgin of Andacollo; but, the main sanctuary of this cult is to the Southwest, in The Serene one ( Chile ). During three centuries has received pilgrims, come to loin of mule of the vast Andean area, where you the scallop.


Trips to The Mountain range


They are numerous and all imply adventure. Some have attractiveness eminently paisajísticos, archaeological or geologic. Other, more defiant, they intrude in the imposing almost virgin nature of the mountain range of the Andes .

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