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La Rioja
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RP 29 and 27, The Rioja until Chepes


La Rioja


La Rioja


La Rioja
Ingreso a Estacion de Chepes


Iglesia de Chepes
La Rioja

Trip that travels the western skirt of the mountain of The Plains and part of the plains, to consent to The Rioja. Also, it allows connections toward towns of historical interest and paisajístico.

Direct journey of 245 Km . for good pavement; from The Rioja. Their interest increases if entrances are added San Antonio and Malanzán. Walk for all season, with lodging in Malanzán and Chepes, and stations of service


From The Rioja to continue for the RN38 until the city of Patquia




It is a small Villa head and crossroad of roads. At the end of last century received the railroad that forks brunches toward The Rioja in their station, for the east, and to Chili. for the west. It is a place of extreme aridity, starting from half-filled of this century enjoys drinkable water, obtained of underground napas by means of wells.

From Patquia it leaves a good route paved toward the south that moves away from the mountain furrowing the vast plain of General Juan's departments Facundo Quiroga, General Angel Vicente Peñaloza and Independence whose names evoke patriotic gestes of the XIX century.

The road finishes in The Portezuelo with reservoir and good pejerreyes fishing. There a consolidated road of 12 Km begins. toward Malanzán, a pleasant place with good hostel, pileta, bar and restaurant, expalined the Walk on the way to the commanders. Other old consolidated road is also detailed that it drives to Atiles and numerous towns shepherds of the mountain high coast.

Return to the route and continue to the south 31 Km . an earth deviation to the right goes into in the mountain of Argarañaz and, in 1 Km ., it takes to San Antonio , native town of Facundo Quiroga , expalined the Walk on the way to the commanders


Folkloric party of the Logger and the Commander Riojano

It is carried out between the 10 and February 15, with the presentation of local musicians and competitions of dexterity.

From Chepes, continue to the north for the RP29 traveling an enormous plain that arrives to the west, until the distant mountains of Fertile Valley , in San Juan . The route atravesa covered lands for a low and thick mount, with grasses and bushes like fusca, manea horse, scribble and churqui, where they pasture bovine and goats. Conform to it advances, the mount wins height and thickens, prevailing the mopes, prunings, locusts, chañares and cardones.



It is the cattle center, leñero and commercial more important of the flat riojanos. has a strategic location in the net caminera and rail.

To their surroundings expands the park dry chaqueño, where pastures are plentiful for forage of the livestock and natural forests of locust and white quebracho. Near 8 Km . toward the north for an on the way to earth will arrive to Old Chepes, an old abandoned town when settling the railroad whose station originated a new town later. It only conserves ruins of the primitive adobe church with stone buttresses, very punished by the tremors. To their right, a large house of Italian style, transformed into Museum of the Commanders, conserves Juan's belongings Facundo Quiroga, as its uniform and the bed where it was veiled after its murder. About 100 m to the right of the church the municipal camping site is, surrounded of a forest of añosos eucalyptuses. It is a calm, well equipped place and has a good spring pileta.

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