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History of Chilecito
Viñedos en Chilecito
This city is located to the foot of the Snowy ones of the Famatina, and recumbent on a chain of hills that separate it of an extensive valley.

Chilecito is the second city in importance of the province of La Rioja and economic center.

It has extensive vineyards (more than 4.500 there is), cellars, agricultural colonies and plants of industrialization frutihortícola.

It also offers to the visitors it varies you give lodging options, houses of food and organized trips toward the attractiveness and gentle places of their surroundings.

Chili was founded as Santa Rita in 1715 for Domingo of Castro and Bazán, in a region of old aboriginal populations.

During the XIX century, the mineral wealth of the proximities impelled the local development and they attracted numerous residents among who there were many Chileans that gave origin to the current name of the city.

Also in the XIX century, this had received for short time the official name of Villa Argentina.
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