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History of Purmamarca
Iglesia de Purmamarca
Hermita de Jujuy
El locro
This town this to 2190 meters on the level of the sea and it depended originally on the parish of Humahuaca and it was commended Juan Ochoa of Zárate.

In the lintel of the door of the church the date of 1648, is read that surely points out the year in that the first temple was built in the town of Indians.

Toward ends of the XVIII century Ia church that was viceparroquia headquarters, was dedicated to Santa Rosa.

In 1791 José Chañi was Governor of Purmamarca. Of principles of XIX century it dates the beginning of a trunk last name family Cruz whose initiator, gift Gregorio was descending of Country, marquis of Yavi.

The relative prosperity of the place had relationship with the route toward the highland, but the importance of this it diminished in the century XXl.

For this reason, the general physiognomy corresponds to a town of XIX century that stayed almost intact.

The great scenic mark of the place is formed by the hills of the border of the gulch, those of Seven Colors and other minor, also of gritty rough and reddish.

The group the complete thing the rectilinear appearance of the town, with the cemetery in one of their sides and the volume of the church and their square-garden in the high thing.
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