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La Quiaca





Border city with Bolivia and terminal of the RN9 this to an altitude 3.442 meters .

In the XVIII century, the river The Quiaca divided the counties of Jujuy and Chichas, and today is opposite between Argentina and Bolivia . The traveler that in the past came closer from the south he/she had two routes to choose: if it opted for the most comfortable road and insurance could make scale in the post of The Quiaca; if, on the other hand, needed to be provided of mouth" "ammunition should make it in the country property of Yavi, continuing then toward I Wet going by a high and chancy hill.

When at the beginning of this century the railroad arrived to the limit with Bolivia , the elected road was that of The Quiaca. The post became station and the streets were traced parallel to both sides of the roads. The town was limited to the north for the gulch that takes its name.

The city is summoned in the means of a wide space, closed to 10 km toward the west for the estribaciones of the cord of Escaya and, to equal it distances toward the east, for that of the Seven Siblings

The beach and the galpones of the railroad divide The Quiaca in two: the west is the part more frequented by the tourists, with hotels, the bus terminal, the hospital, the church and the barracks of Gendarmería; the Municipality and the Market that give him during the day an intense agitation of very popular coloring are to the east of the railroad.

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