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Iconos de Referencia
To The Almona and San Antonio
This tour crosses a landscape of hills and grasslands dedicated to the cattle exploitation and then a flater area with cultivations of tobacco, finishing in a simple traditional town.
To Thermal baths of Reyes and lagoons of Yala
This walk is to visit thermal bathrooms located in a beautiful and narrow gulch, besides a landscape I magnify of lagoons framed by abrupt covered mountains by thick vegetation.
Historical museum Juan Galo Lavalle
In an old colonial house of the urban helmet of San Salvador of Jujuy the Provincial Historical Museum rises Juan Gaul Lavalle. Their rooms that don't maintain a chronological order, exhibit valuable ...
Provincial Anthropological museum
The provincial archaeological museum was created in April of 1994 and it exhibits archaeological objects of the region. In their rooms tips of projectiles, vessels and other elements are come of among...
Tour to the historical center of Jujuy
This is a journey for the immediate streets to the Square Belgrano, visiting the commercial area and the main historical monuments and museums.
For the periphery of San Salvador de Jujuy
It visits to landmarks of interest outside of the center and occasion of having a global vision of the city.
From San Salvador of Jujuy to Tilcara for RN 9
Traveled by the first tract of the gulch of Humahuaca, through a landscape magnificent and changing; it arrives until one of the most important archaeological centers in the country.
Visits to High Ovens Zapla
It goes by the best mirador in the city and, after crossing areas densely forested, it arrives to the great steel complex that understands high ovens, acería plant and lamination plant.
The room of the Flag in Government's House
Located the first floor of the House of Government of Jujuy is in a special room the first flag Argentina that Belgrano used in 1812
RN50 until the limit with Bolivia
This exit from Jujuy an exuberant forest inserted with plantations of tropical cultivations with destination Red Port travels, in the limit with Bolivia .
Police Historical museum of Jujuy
A visit to this museum shows us the history of this force of security and the most enigmatic cases or attractiveness of the criminology.
Riding for the yungas
This cavalcade is carried out for the National Park Calilegua, in the itinerary will meet with subtropical forests in the hillsides of the mountain range of the Andes
Reyes' Thermal baths
Important thermal center located in the RP N º4, summoned in Reyes' picturesque gulch, framed by leafy hillsides.
The Thermal baths of Caimancito
In the middle of heart of the Yunga jujeña, the Complex Hidrotermal of Hot Waters is. The Complex is supplied of thermal waters by its own nature.
Voyage in 4 x4 to Tiraxi
A strange scenario, to only 37 km of the capital county, San Salvador of Jujuy for an on the way to ideal mountain for tourism risks.
Tourism 4 x4 in The Big Salinas
After traveling 60 kilometers until Purmamarca, from San Salvador of Jujuy, for the route 9, takes the route 52 toward the northwest one and there a white horizon, that of the Big Salinas is glimpsed ...
Monumento Natural Laguna de los Pozuelos
This place this located to the north of the province of Jujuy, at a distance from 280 km of San Salvador of Jujuy and to 50 km of Abra Pampa 50 Km and to 100 km from La Quiaca.
Parque Nacional Calilegua
This located the east of the province of Jujuy in the department Ledesma. The distance from San Salvador of Jujuy is of 100 Km and from Orán (Salta) it is of 150 Km .
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