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The differences in the hydrography and vegetation in the west, Puna and the east, East range and the Sub Andinian sierras of the northwest, are also reflected in the fauna. It is abundant in the east and scarce in the west. The animals which live in this region are:

Mammals: coati, ferret, wild cat, puma, yaguarete, tapir, peccary, llama , guanaco, alpaca, vicuña, guemal, fallow deer, guazuncho, squirrel, marmot, weasel, bat. vampire, caraya, caí, armadillo, red fox, Indian chinchilla, and so on.

Reptles: Lampalagua, snake, fake rattlesnake, lizard.

Exotic species: black rat, alexandrine rat, rabbit of Castilla, the European hare, sparrow and canary.

Llamas and vicuñas

The llama is a domesticated animal, the vicuña and guanaco are wild animals. They are the descendants of an extinct animal which lived in America.

The three species may cross with each other freely. The offspring are born after eleven months. The llama is 1,20, it is robust , short legged and abundant wool of different colors; the most common are the reddish and white. The llamas supply meat, wool, milk and from ancient times they were used as loading animals.

The vicuña is shorter and slimmer, its fur is black. The wool of the vicuña is the most valuable. The specie was in danger of extinction, but it has survived as many regulations have protected them. The vicuña, as the guanacos, are elusive and the herds are always protected by the males.

They run away at high speed in the presence of strangers.

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