Turismo en Argentina
Where are we?

Perhaps where the map ends, in the most southern site of the planet, where adventure starts- among mighty waterfalls, high mountains, vast plains or imposing glaciers; where astonishment and imagination get together to provide you with placidity and joy as your senses rest in the natural charms that can be visited in this extensive territory.

The Republic of Argentina is located in South America. Its continental surface is of 2,780,092 km². From North to South it is 3,700 km long, whereas from East to West the maximum extension is of 1,425 km.

Argentina borders on the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Bolivia, the Republic of Paraguay, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of a Federal District which is subdivided into 24 provinces.

This region of the planet owns a wide range of beautiful and exuberant landscapes which turn Argentina into a country with important touristic destinations and where comfort,cordiality and majestic natural environments combine harmoniously.
The vastness of open land, the diaphanous transparency of the sky and the numerous colors formed by light specter on different destinations make this land a unique place which is desired by travellers from all over the world.

Encouraged by the natural and cultural resources of our country, in this site, we are waiting for your visit. That is why we provide you with data and news that will get you closer to this soil.

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