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Laguna de San Miguel del Monte al atardecer
Windsurf  en Chascomús
Muelle del Club de pesca en Lobos
Costanera de la Laguna de Lobos
The relief of this area is of a small wave toward the river Parana.
It possesses a climate temperate pampeano or humid, with enough rains and it suffers the action of the winds Pampero, Sudestada and North.
The climate and the floor favor the agricultural and cattle activity, being raised specially livestock bovine milkman and being practiced the poultry keeping and the beekeeping

Near the city, of La Plata you can travel in the ParkPereyra Iraola, Punta Lara with its spa and the reservation that allows to observe the flora and fauna of the forest paranaense with gangplanks.
This area has great quantity of lagoons, that makes him to be an elected place for those fond of the sport fishing. Among the lagoons but important we can highlight that of San Miguel del Monte and Chascomús .
San Miguel del Monte
It is a lagoon of approximately. 700 ha. this town has a wide tourist infrastructure, fishing clubs and nautical and other recreation. Very close, it is the Lagoon Las Perdices, bigger in surface and in depth.
Besides their history and moved cultural, it offers the possibility to enjoy the sun and the free air, next to their splendid lagoon, surrounded of beautiful green spaces.

The Chained Lagoons are in this party. It is eight brackish lagoons to those that the natives Chascomús called (in Araucanian language "many salted lagoons") and the Creoles "Those Chained."
They are of special tourist attractiveness, among other, the Lagoon Vitel, that of Chascomús, that la del Burro, Adela, La Tablilla and the Lagoon Chis-Chis.

They have jetties, moorings and stores to keep nautical material. From the swimming, all the nautical sports are possible. Equestrian paths allow to arrive to the coast. The recreational activity that offers in the area is completed with vents, humorists and recitals during the night
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