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History of San Miguel del Monte
This city of about 15500 inhabitants was founded in 1780 as strong of Guard, for the Capt. Francisco Betbezé, was there where the first 8 families that populated the place arrived. called it to him Guard of San Miguel del Monte Gárgano, in homage to the saint worshipped by the Italians and in reference to the mount of prunings that was on the edge of the lagoon. This Watch constituted one of the first defensive positions against the attack of the Indians.
In the surroundings had Juan Manuel of Roses their stay “The Hillocks” and in the town their lieutenant lived, nicknamed the “Carancho of Mount”; today his house is still recognized. It is in the town, an old property of Araoz of Lamadrid, where the later military it would have carried out as baker.

There was carried out the secret interview between Roses and Facundo Quiroga.

had seat in this place the Regiment of those “Colorado of Mount” and from here it left the first one “Expedition to the Desert”, commanded by the same Brigadier Juan Manuel of Roses. Their objective was to arrive to the river Colorado, to unite to other squadrons in the riverbanks of the Black River and there to hoist the national flag.
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