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The transport options to travel the surroundings of the city are wide. Bus, trains, boats, rent of cars and an extensive net of routes and expressed roads that unite the main points of interest with the city, besides the possibility to accomplish aerial walks on the area.
Leave of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires counts with modern road expressed that allow to cross the city in a direct way for different places of the west, north or south of the suburb.

Of the five more important tracks, four are connected with national highways that leave of Buenos Aires for the interior of the country.

The freeway La Plata-Buenos Aires, part of Puerto Madero.


In the expressed roads and some broken of Buenos Aires toll is collected.

Thre price varies in agreement with I scheme traveled it and pays himself in the toll stations
The payment can be made with money.

There are fast tracks for who pays it imports it exact. It is also possible to pay with credit card.

For this one should buy a magnetic card that it is put in the windshields of the car and to cross the toll for the qualified tracks for that system.

Transport fluvial
Of Buenos Aires they leave the crafts for Colonia, Montevideo and of that of Puntadel Este in Uruguay.
Motorboats and catamarans

In the Tiger there is you vary the companies of catamarans and motor boats of collective that the one the main rivers of the delta travel. They also organize several walks in catamaran that can have from the duration of 1 hour until a complete day in the Island kingfisher García or exits to the Uruguay

Alternative roads

Leaving San Fernando's Airport is possible to fly above the islands of the Delta and of the island Martin García.

For more information of this services to call to the tel. 15 4936-1442. .

Travel in bus
There are more than 15.000 units in circulation. Contrary to the common service, the differential can only take seated passengers and it has air conditioning.
The lines have stopped each two blocks and the passages should be paid with currencies.
In some areas, as the terminals of trains, tickets sell exists in the stops of the main lines wherecan pay himself with notes and to obtain change for other trips. In the suburb the ticket is more expensive.
For long trips

From the terminal station of bus of Retreat they break personal computers for all of the destinies
of Argentina and also for some cities of the neighboring countries.

The comforts of the bus and the prisoners of the trip had varied of agreement corn the companies. There are also fast services, with less stops / in the course and bus-bed

The problems in the highway
The freeways and some highways offer mechanic's of attendance services and tow, to the which can have access by means of a cellular telephone or of the telephones for the emergencies
The net price of me help that the most extensive toilet in the country is the one of Club of Argentinean Automobile. To use it duty to be partner.
Driver´s licenses

To authenticate the one the license to manage foreigner, call to the Automobile Argentinean Club: tel. 4802-0522. The Brazilian, Chilean licenses and Uruguayans are valid if the tourists enter to the country with their automobile.

To travel in train

For some of the places of the atmospheres of Buenos Aires it is possible to have the access for the train.

  • Of Retiro they come out the services Pilar and Tigre
  • Of Square the station of Constitution comes out the trains for La Plata o, Cañuelas and Chascomús
  • Of Once they leave the trains to Luján and Mercedes


  How to get there in car to San Isidro  
Exit of Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for local route until Avenue 9 of Julio continue for Avenue 9 of Julio until the intersection with freeway Arturo Illia. Arturo advance for the freeway Illia until the Avenue Lugones. Continue for Av, Lugones until the Av. General Peace and double in her. Continue for the Av. General Peace until arriving to the national route 9 (North access). it Bends in the North Access it will pass city of Vicente López, continue for the national route 9 until the crossing with the provincial route 4. it Advances for the provincial route 4 until San Isidro.

Bus Transport
Vía Bariloche Av. Rolon 214 -

Ex Bartolomé Mitre Martin y Omar esquina Beccar -
Tren de la Costa Av. Tiscornia y Lasalle -

Car Rent
Excellence Rent aCar Av Andres Rolón 100 Local 14 -