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History of Gualeguay
Locomotora La Solís en Gualeguay

It is located in the south of the province on the right riverbank of the river that takes its name. It is an indigenous word that means "Río del Tigre" (Tiger's River) since there where a lot of these felines in the area many years ago.

It has beaches and a port, sport fishing can be carried out there. A lot of important festivities are carried out in this city. Very near there it is placed Diamante city where it is Pre Delta National Park. There you can carry out cavalcades, and enjoy several festivals.

Paraná City is placed to about 50 Km from there. It's the province's capital city and it was the Argentinean Confederation, Capital City between 1853 and 1861. It has a chapel from 1730. Among its most attractive places are: the Hernandarias subfluvial tunnel, the Cathedral and the Museums. You can also practice there, nautical sports, trips along the river, sport fishing, etc. Towards the north there are several important towns such as: Villa Urquiza, Hernandarias, Santa Elena, and La Paz.

Gualeguay's City founder was Tomás de Rocamora, who at the beginning of 1873 called it: Villa San Antonio de Gualeguay, a century later, it was declared "city" on November 18th, 1851, the ordinance was signed by Justo José de Urquiza, the province's governor.

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