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The provinces of Misiones, Corrientes , Formosa and Chaco are very communicated with the main cities of the country. As much the capitals as their main tourist destinations are accessible by means of a net of routes, to which it is necessary to add a good infrastructure of transport vial and air.




The RN 12 and 101 crosses the National Park Iguazú. In that tract the banquina is narrow because the protection of the forest is prioritized.

International steps


To leave the country (to Brazil or Paraguay ) it is indispensable to take the DNI, the identification of identity (of the Federal Police) or the passport.

Migrations don't accept, any concept, the documentation certificates in step .

Signaling of roads

Most of the routes that cross the provinces of Corrientes , Misiones , Formosa and the Chaco have an excellent signaling.

ven the alternative roads (of rubble and of earth) they expose good indicative posters.

State of the routes

The two main routes that the itineraries of this guide travel are the RN 14 (that skirts the river Uruguay ) and the RN 12 (parallel to the river Paraná).

Both are in very good state, but the excess of speed causes numerous accidents.


Travel to the Iguazú National Park


From the terminal of bus of Port Iguazú, starting from 7 in the morning, and each stocking hour, it leaves a community toward the National Park.

In the entrance it stops so that the tourists pay their pass, and, in the interior, it has two stops (a main one and another in the old Hotel Cataratas).

Routes in protected areas

Several routes cross for national or provincial protected areas. It is the case of the national 12 and 101 with the National Park Iguazú, and the RP 40 that it arrives to the Provincial Park Iberá.

In all they register numerous hasty animals, for what is suggested to respect the limits of speed, specially at dusk.

Transport urban

Corrientes , Formosa , Resistance and Inns have many lines of collective, service of taxis and remises.

In Corrientes , however, the taxis don't take identification (they are common cars).

Surveillance of the river

The Naval Prefecture Argentina takes charge of the security of the sailing in the big rivers of the Argentina , as the Paraná and the Uruguay .

Bus Station

To carry out intercity connections in micro among different counties it is possible to consult with the terminal of the city .

  How to get there in car to Esquina  
Do Sul Quando vindo do Buenos Aires isto i recomendaram para cruzar a Ponte Zárate. Arme Muito tempo e levar a Rota 12 do nascimento deles/delas em Ceibas (o E. R.). continuar até Gualeguay, Rosário del Tala Podando, Nogoyá, Crespo, para levar a estrada para Viale, passar por María Grande e Hasenkamp e passar por La Paz, este entrerriana de cidade é a 80 Km. de Esquina. Do norte: A rota 12 passa por Corrientes, até o cruzamento em Salgou, então Visão Bonita, Lavalle e Goya que é a 110 Km. de Esquina.

Bus Transport
Empresa Albizatti San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa Chevallier San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa El Cometa San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa Flecha Bus San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa Nuevo San Jose San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa San Jorge (media distancia) San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa Silvia San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa T. A. C. San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Empresa Tata San Martin y Constitución -Terminal -
Remibus Mitre (03777)460030 -

Taxi Agencies and Taxi Service
Remibus Esquina (03777)460517 -
Remises Lili-Marc (03777)15628502 -
Osvaldo Zenon Autos (03777)460710 /15 506983 -
Remises Santa Rita (03777)460003 -
Remises Puma (03777)461100 -
Remises Belen (03777)461033 -
El Puma San Martín 515 -
Lili Mar Lavalle 420 -