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History of Villa General Belgrano
Traje en Fiesta de la Cerveza en Villa General Belgrano
La olla en Villa General Belgrano
El centro en Villa General Belgrano

Picturesque arisen village of the establishment of Central European immigrants, toward the years thirty, in the denominated place The Sallow.

In 1943 they become unified several low loteos the current denomination and today is a city with all the services and care style. The white architecture prevails in her it influences alpine, with roofs in slope, details in wood, abundant flowers and ornamental objects that recreate her.

To maintain alive the traditions are carried out three important parties annually: that of the Viennese Mass in the days of Week Santa, that of the coincident Alpine Chocolate with the recess of July and the National Party of the Beer, in the month of October, remembering the German Oktoberfest.

This last one is the most promoted one, it is carried out from 1964 and it consists on musical shows of diverse collectives, especially of the different regions of Germany , Austria and Switzerland . With street dance and sale of typical foods, they charge life the square José Hernández where is mounted the main scenario, and the Living room Brewer, official headquarters of all the parties.

In December is carried out the Christmas Fair in the parochial living room.

The gastronomy deserves a special treatment: it cannot go by the village without proving their cakes, sandwiches, smoky cold cuts or the infaltables sausages with chucrut (sauerkraut), accompanied by beer, tea or chocolate.

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