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History of Villa Cura Brochero
Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. del Tránsito en Villa Cura Brochero
Privileged as few, Villa Cures Brochero it is a mountain town framed by the imposing landscape of the Big Mountains and with the tradition to skin flower.

It expands to the vera of the river Panaholma, of waters mesotermales and beautiful beaches. The characteristic particularísimas of their microclimate contributes to revitalize and desintoxicar the organism.

The place combines the generosity of the nature with José's spiritual legacy Gabriel Brochero, that giant priest, put in a small body.

The Villa was founded by the presbítero Francisco Aguirre in 1864 as Villa of the Traffic. In 1916, the Dr. Ramón J. Cárcano-for then governor from Córdoba-it prepared that the name was changed by that of Cure Brochero, when being commemorated the second anniversary of José's death Gabriel of the Rosario Brochero
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