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Iconos de Referencia
Fishing in the Cordoba south
To the south of the city of Rio Cuarto there is a group of small lagoons that in which one can fish pejerrey, in this walk we will explain about them.
City tour in Río Cuarto
An itinerary for the city of Río Cuarto shows us a strong city, intends a walk on foot for the central area and one in automobile for the surroundings
Municipal museum Of Fine arts
This was museum it was founded in 1933, for initiative of the Dr. Juan Fillioy, their first director. In the last decade they have been faced the realization of national, provincial and local artists'...
Regional Historical museum
This Museum offers a didactic, interactive proposal and participative that it shows information of the origins of the region
A Visit to the Museum Of the Rail
This museum of profile technological sample in their living rooms and galleries more than 120 years of the history of the railroads of our country and in a very special way the area of Río Cuarto
Aerospace Technological museum
It was inaugurated in December of 1999, the sample has proposals referred to the creation of the area, to the emergence of the world aviation and the means where the aviation was developed. Also, in t...
The hill Into Huasi and the inheritance of the Comechingones
The Hill Inti Huasi is a ceremonial camp and of refuge of the comechingones and it is to 50 Km . to the west of the city of River Room for the provincial route N° 30 and to 17 km to the northeast of t...
Tour to Alpa Corral
Walk to enjoy a day of river in beautiful mountain landscapes.
To spa Las Albahacas
It visits to small village and bustling summery spa
To Achiras and hill Inti Huasi
Walk valued by the lovers of the archaeology that it culminates in a summer village.
To Villa Mercedes for RN8
Trip plain, better option to arrive to the mountain range for the old route to Chile .
To Córdoba for RN36
Opportunity to arrive in Córdoba for road plain with pleasant views of cultivated fields.
Knowing Río Tercero
Opportunity for v isitar one of the most important industrial and petrochemical centers in the country.
From Río Cuarto to dike Piedras Moras and Chapel of the Rosario
Opportunity to arrive to a place with pleasant views of cultivated fields where you will be able to visit the dike Moorish Stones and to discover an almost unknown chapel in the area
Villa María and San Francisco for RN158
The route crosses an area of intensive agricultural activity that links the three more important Cordovan cities after the capital: I Laugh Room, Villa María and San Francisco .
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