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How to get there







The province of Córdoba and of San Luis they are very well communicated with the main cities of the country. As much the capitals as their main tourist destinations are accessible for a wide net of highways, to those that it is necessary to add a good infrastructure of transport vial and air.

The trolebuses of the women

From 1989, the city of Córdoba has a system of alternative transport and non pollutant: a trolebuses net distributed in three lines and 70 kilometers.

The vehicles come from a company it would originate of the former Soviet Union that was selected of among several candidates foreigners

A curiosity: the trolebuses is driven exclusively by women, unique case in the country and, perhaps, in the world.

To Córdoba in freeway


An alternative route exists for the Córdoba-Rosario-good itinerary Aires for the provincial route 13.

Toll is paid between Córdoba and Rosario, and then it is continued by the RN 34 until the city of Buenos Aires.

Provincial routes
Most of the routes that the counties of Córdoba and San Luis cross are asphalted and in good state.

The rubble roads are quite passable: only some present problems when there are strong rains.
Accesses to the city of Córdoba

Its location in the center of the county makes that Córdoba is easily accessible for the national routes 9, 19, 20 and 36.


The Cordovan routes are very well signalled, and many have enabled areas of rest.


Electronic cards


The urban transport of the city of Córdoba can pay himself with cospeles or with rechargeable electronic cards. Both they are sold in special booths or in kiosks.

Mountain train

The Train of the Mountains travels the valley of Punilla in four hours. Tel. (0351) 482-2252.

Bus Station

To carry out intercity connections in micro among different counties it is possible to consult with the terminal of the city .


  How to get there in car to La Falda  
From Córdoba for local route until the intersection with national route 9, continue for national route 9 until the crossing with national route 20 until the intersection with the national route 19, continue for the national route 19, until the connection with the national route 38, it will cross the cities of La Calera, Bialet Masse, Cosquín, Valle Hermoso and then it arrived at La Falda

Bus Transport
A.B.L.O. Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 5 -
Cacorba Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 9 -
Chevallier S.A. Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 6 -
Ciudad de Córdoba (Córdoba - La Fa Tel. 423131 -
Coop. La Calera Tel. 422210 -
Costera Criolla Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 5 -
El Práctico Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 5 -
El Serrano Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 6 -
Empresa “El Serra” Línea “A”: (La .Tel. 470810 -
Empresa “El Serra” Línea “B”: (Val .Tel. 470810 -
Empresa “El Serra” Línea “C” (Vall .Tel. 470810 -
Empresa “El Serra” Línea “D”: (En .Tel. 470810 -
Empresa Gral. Urquiza Cabrera y Maipu -
Empresa La Estrella SRL Terminal de Omnibus, boleteria 10 -
Encon Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 21 -
Jocoli Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 6 -
Merco Bus Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 21 -
Plus Ultra Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 21 -
Rubimar Terminal de Omnibus Boleteria 10 -
S.A.T.A.G. (Córdoba - La Calera - L Tel. 422395 -
Sierras de Córdoba Cabrera y Maipu -
Socasa Terminal de Omnibus Boletería 21 -
TAC Terminal de Omnibus Boleteria 10 -

Taxi Agencies and Taxi Service
Parada Bancos Av. Edén y Mariano Moreno -
Parada Rosedal Diag. San Martín -
Parada Centro Av. Edén y San Gerónimo -
Parada Terminal Terminal de Omnibus -
Remi - Tax Centro Dr. Meirovich 57 -
Remis Virgen de la Merced Av. Bs. As.500 -
Radio Taxi La Falda Av. Kennedy 150 -
Agencia Nuevo Remisol 9 de Julio 541 -
Radio Taxi Kennedy Av. Kennedy 146 -
Remis-Cord Av. Ferrarini 368 -
Remis Villa Estela Av. España 303 -
Remis La Sierras Av. España 1225 -

Car Rent
Mar - Per - Tur Sarmiento y Diagonal San Martin -
Mar - Per - Tur Sarmiento y Diagonal San Martín -