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To Pampas of Oláen and Characato




















Walk for one of the pampas of height, with a different landscape and visiting two nice chapels.

They are 102 km , 87 of them for on the way to earth that deteriorates easily for the rains. Fill the tank before leaving. For one day in any time of the year. It will take vianda.


From La Falda (km 0) to leave for the Av. Italy, to the left the dike La Falda is left, to begin the ascent for on the way to earth.

In the km 3 will pass next to a mill with ovens of lime, main mountain activity, and will leave to their right the local cemetery.


Arriving to the km 4 will have reached enough height to enjoy the view: back the city of La Falda and toward the north until the vicinities of The Summit. In km 5 will have finished ascending; the landscape changes and one enters to the Pampas of Oláen


Pampas of Oláen


It is a plane area, partly cultivated, and in parts with the stocky vegetation of the mountain mount. As goes into will go discovering a series of elements that you/they are characteristic of the landscape of the pampas of height.

The presence of water ago possible the agricultural activity; cultivations like the corn, resistant to the strong winds and the rigorous climate, they are alternated with extensive pajonales where ganado;en an intent is raised to achieve bigger productivity plantations they have been introduced of coniferous (km 6,5).

The land is plane, with light visible waves in the distance. In the hollows and protected places, the ranches of the puesteros and their corrals, surrounded of wickers. Area visited by vizcachas hunters and partridges.

The pampas was inhabited by nomadic hunters (region of Ayampitín) and later on for groups comechingones and sanavirones. In 1598 the grace of Oláen surrenders to Jerónimo Abregú and Bathrobe and then Felipe of Soria receives the grace of Ayampitín. With the time these lands were acquired by the second lieutenant Ignacio Salguero and Goatherd who it resided in them between 1748 and 1756 organizing the stay of Oláen. Inherited by the Bishop Dr. Diego Salguero and Goatherd, this donates it in 1763, together with the lot that today occupies the Hospital San Asleep in Córdoba. Much later, both properties integrated the one

patrimony of the Foundation San Asleep, the one that leased a part of the lands of Pampas from Oláen to particular companies for the exploitation of minerals and another to the Argentinean Army to carry out military maneuvers (period 1953-1963).

In km 14, in a point signalled by a monolith, the road forks. Turning to the left leaves to the cascade of Oláen. To the right will go to Characato. It intends first to go into 22 km toward the right one and then, returning for the same road, to continue for that of the left to go down Molinari next to the RP38.

The walk to Characato is only recommended to the most audacious, because the road deteriorates with the rains and it is trafficked by big trucks that go to the marble quarries. In km 18 are distinguished the spent summits of the hills Table Dead Mule, Table of Corral Blanco and Table of the Palmar, with exceptional views of the arch of mountainous cords. The vegetation also changes: will abandon the pastizales and will see a stocky cover, xerófila.

In km 24 will reach a high point where will see the river run to the bottom of a closed valley. Surrounded of espinillos it will begin the descent to cross the river Pinto in km 25, for a very solid bridge built in 1984. To 1 km of the river it leaves in route to the right that takes to a quarry. These lands have high value for the wealth of marbles and lime.

In km 31 will cross the guardaganado, entering in the stay Characato. The road descends again among low vegetation to cross the river San Gregorio and in km 34 will see to its right a marble quarry and granite, of Onemar, very tecnificada.

In km 35 the road forks; takes to its left 2 km toward Characato, small population with two hostels and warehouse where to be supplied, located to the foot of some mackerel, very rounded rocky formations and with a pretty river. You will be able to walk, to rest, to come closer to the spa and to enjoy the reining silence. They are very few the tourists that arrive here and it promotes it to him as, «the habitation of the silence».

Return heading for the bifurcation ( 2 km ). Turn to the left to arrive at the Chapel of Characato, to 1,5 km . It is in total state of abandonment. It is of simple lines, with steeple lateral brick ymuros without revoking. Their silhouette is clipped in the immensity of the landscape.


To return for the same one on the way to going, to arrive in km 63 to the monolith that points out the bifurcation. Take to the right and travel the pampas again, having to the right the solid of The Giants, with their twin summits, The Mogotes.


In km 65 stray to the right toward Oláen, and in 3 km it will arrive at the Chapel Santa Bárbara


Chapel Santa Bárbara


It is considered that it was built by the middle of the XVIII century, next to the house of the Dr. Salguero. Of very simple lines, their volume stands out solitary in the landscape. It presents a singular facade crowned by a steeple of curved silhouette and finished off by an iron cross.


To the left of the chapel, crossing a guardaganado, it leaves on the way to 2 km to the cascade of Oláen. that is in you deprive yourself property, for what you charges controls entrance. In the days of summer, will be able to enjoy a refreshing bathroom in the pots that are formed in the base of the cascade.

Undertake the return to the main road, to 5 km . Turn to their right toward Molinari. About 3 kms ahead arrive to the border this of the pampas; the vegetation that of the mountain mount that contains the road that begins to descend, to arrive to the bridge in km 89 becomes.

When crossing it, the RP38 take toward the left to return to La Falda.

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