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History of La Falda
Plaza de La Falda



Cascadas cerca de La Falda



Iglesia en La Falda
La Falda is a small city located to 834 meters on the level of the sea and with a population of 16000 inhabitants.

This located in the center of the Valley of Punilla, and it has a privileged mountain climate during the whole year, what locates it inside the three better climates of the world.

It has a varied proposal in hotelería and gastronomy; it is a traditional place of congresses, conventions, artistic activities and sport events at international level as the World Rally.

Their strategic location - halfway of the extreme points of Punilla - it makes of La Falda the ideal place to undertake circuits to the whole Valley. A variadad of theatrical and musical shows, sweet shops, game rooms, dancing, etc. are conjugated with the nature and their charms to give answer to the demands of the guests that visit the city.

As for their history, La Falda like tourist proposal is born with the arrival of the railroad and the construction of the Eden Hotel, main relating of the incipient city toward the year 1898.

During half century, it was the place of rest and esparcimiento of the national and international directing and wealthy classes.

Municipal Historical Monument was declared and of Provincial tourist interest in the year 1988.

Together with the hotel, and after the loteo of the stay La Falda, the town begins to arise, being the ends of the decade of the 10 and principles of the 20 that it is denominated with the current name to the place.

In the year 1934 the municipality was created, as long as, with date December 6 1969 were recognized the Villa La Falda the character of City.
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