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City tour for Villa Giardino
Camino de Los Artesanos




Molino de Thea




Reserva Ecológica Natural







Capilla de Ntra. Sra. de la Merced y Camposanto




Reserva Ecológica Natural




Capilla de Ntra. Sra. de la Merced y Camposanto




Iglesia  Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

A journey for this small city of the punilla valley where one can see an interesting handmade fair and some places for a pleasant rest


On the way to The Artisans


A typical mountain road enters for The Pungo from The Summit and The Punilla from Villa Giardino, for the call "on the way to the artisans."

Here a dozen of house-shops conforms the offer of works in bijouterie, wood, leathers, clothes among other specialties. Also the products of organic farms and their derived in sweet and preserves are the tempting suggestion in all time of the año.   

will surely have to stop in each place to be able to appreciate different things.

Also on this road is a traditional place where it is possible to consent to the magic of the musical shows every weekend.

Ecological Natural "Portecelo" reserves


On the river San Francisco, waters under the municipal spa, The Portecelo, it has been demarcated an area like municipal natural reservation, to preserve the ecosystem of the place where vegetable copies cohabit - rushes and totoras - and animals, especially birds - blue, swans, ganzos, ducks, gallinetas, etc. -

Mill of Thea

It was the first tourist symbol of the village.

It was built, at the end of 1810, on the old Mill of Colonial Stone that was used by the Spaniards for the mill of cereals that cultivated in their stays in the XVIII and XIX centuries, a mill to the European style as pergola and mirador of the Stay of the Engineer Miguel Thea.

With the course of the time took a great tourist importance for the area.

Today it can be observed in the suburbs an attractive mirador to the vera of the Big River of Punilla.

"Our grotto Mrs. of Lourdes"


It is located on a small hill, behind la  Our Capilla  Mrs. of the Merced .

Ascención of the hill, for wide and taken care path, with the stations of the Via Crucis, neatly conserved. In the summit of the hill is the Grotto, and on her the Cruz.

Besides being a sentence place it is also an excellent mirador of the whole village and part of the valley.

Chapel of "The Chacras"


Built in 1780. It was part of the Stay The Chacras. It is located in the road that takes to the Castle The Trunks, in the vicinities of Thea. At the moment it is private property.


Chapel of Ntra. Mrs. of the Merced and Cemetery


Located in the area of The Cañada. It dates of the 1700 and has cross form.

It has three altars. The first one dates of 1700 and it was eregido outdoors for the conversion of the natives. In 1767 the second altar is built for the adoration of Ntra. Mrs. of the Merced.

The image is a size wooden policromada of the XVII century with natural hair. Other images exist, among those that is an exposed Italian manger of 1938 the whole year.

In the cemetery of the front of the Chapel the aboriginal ones are buried.


Chapel The Flores


Summoned in the neighborhood Portecelo. Their construction dates of 1957. The image that presides over the oratorio  is work of integral of the Congregation of Santa Ana's Sisters. It is dedicated to the Virgin María's cult, under the invocation of Ntra. Mrs. of The Flores, having linking with the dominant characteristic of this residential village of being identified as "the garden of Punilla ."


Church Our Mrs. of Lourdes


Headquarters of the Parish of the village. Their construction was concluded in 1943.


Our church Mrs. of the Valley


Summoned in the neighborhood The Fig, in the northeast area of Villa Giardino, liberated to the cult in 1964, after their inaugural blessing.

Castle "Los Troncos"


This magnificent construction that was property of the Engineer Eduardo Farmers gets up on a hill, from where the urban area of the village is appreciated.

The construction works demanded six years. Among the used materials they are stones and marbles, as those that have the stairway that are of rosy color.

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