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History of La Cumbrecita
Flora alpina en La Cumbrecita
Capilla de La Cumbrecita
El ajederz Gigante en La Cumbrecita

Small and paradisiac population of strong alpine reminiscences, developed in an extension of 500 has of irregular, arid and lonely relief, transformed by the work that have developed the Dr. Helmut Cabjolsky and the siblings Behrend from 1934.

The result is a microambiente of excellent climatic conditions, where each station prints its own attractiveness.

The autumn stands out for the golden and reddish tones, the winter for the frequent ones snowy, the spring with the bloom of fruit-bearing, brooms and digital, and the summer is dry, with a landscape very green and abundant wild fruits as blackberries and currants. It is a paradise for the lovers of the picture.

The fotoclubes organizes visits and competitions, particularly during the autumn.

In the beginning the Behrend installed a nursery tree and they built a house of vacation that they enlarged and they enabled as hostel, today hotel The Cumbrecita.

The place attracted to families of different origin and you began the loteo, being traced internal roads, improving the one on the way to access, forestando, installing the nets of water, electricity and other services.

The inhabitants are jealous defenders of their village, for what request to the visitors that don't cut flowers neither you plant, avoid noises that move away the birds, maintain the cleaning that are careful with the fire and that, if they enter with vehicle, drive to minimum speed.

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