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City tour in Comodoro Rivadavia
Parque Eólico Antonio Morán en Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia de noche

Puerto de Comodoro Rivadavia

Cigueña en Comodoro Rivadavia



In this walk we dog know interesting parts of the city divided in different tourist circuits

Wind Circuit

Antonio Morán Wind Park is situated in Cerro Arenales , 17 km . from the center of the city and 400 meters above sea level.
This park is 4500 meters from the urban area. These air generators conform a renewable source of energy and a tourist attraction for the city.
It is one of the biggest Wind Parks in South America with 8 generators of 750 KW each, what makes a capacity of 6000 KW added to the existing 500 KW.

Natural Cicuit

You can visit the Coast Road of Comodoro Rivadavia , a pebble road where the blue waters of the sea contrast with the characteristic arid relief of this part of Patagonia in a scenery where people fish and practise nautic sports.

A few steps from this place is Sovereignty Square , one of the few green spaces of this city which exhibits the traces of the railway between Sarmiento and comodoro Rivadavia.

Then you can visit Mount Chenque Viewpoint situated next to the access road to Comodoro Rivadavia, from where you can watch the immensity of the sea, the horizon on the Atlantic Ocean , the port and the whole city.

Arqueology Circuit

In Antonio Garcés Regional Museum in the center of the city you can appreciate the most representative treasures of the environment and its history.
You will find information about geology, anthropology, flora and fauna of Patagonia . There are also some archaeology samples of old southern cultures.
Then you can visit the Museum of Mines and Geology , where you can learn about terrestrial as well as sea minerals, rocks and fossils.
Finally, after 20 km . from the center of the city, you will find ASTRA Paleontology Museum , one of the most complete museums as regards paleontology elements.

Oil Circuit     

The oil tradition of Comodoro Rivadavia is appreciated in this sector where you can visit General Mosconi Neighbourhood in km. 3 where there was a big oil campsite.
On the coast of km. 3 you can visit Tanks Beach next to an oil loading buoy.
Finally you can visit the National Oil Museum in the same neighbourhood, which is considered one of the three biggest ones in the world together with the ones in Russia and USA .

Museum Of the Petroleum

This Museum, for its span, is among the three bigger than the world, next to those of Russia and in USA ( Texas ). Inaugurated in 1987 by YPF, San Juan depends on the National University of the Patagonia Bosco. In the entrance it sees the monolith of the historical Well N4 2, in which petroleum sprouted in 1907. There are machineries, vehicles and auditory. In central building, in an old recycled galpón, pleasant sample of as much as one knows as regards petroleum: the room «tunnel of the time» Bang begins with the theory of the Big; it follows a thematic series on formation of the petroleum.

Other rooms with pictures, apparatuses, numerous explanatory scale models of: exploration, perforation, production, support and administration. Everything of superior level museístico.

Port and Railway History Circuit

This circuit comprehends a number of buildings in the urban area which belonged to the port and railway activities.

The circuit starts in the old Port Power plant of Comodoro Rivadavia presently called CEPTur (Tourist Promotion and Exhibition Center), emplaced in the crossroad of the two main arteries of the city: National Route Nº 3 (av. Hipólito Irigoyen) and Mariano Moreno. After that you will see some other historical buildings of the port like warehouses, a house, the water tank, the pump house and the workshops.
You can also visit the Old Railway Station situated in Av. Rivadavia and 9 de Julio.
By the end of this circuit you can visit the Present Port of Comodoro Rivadavia with its infraestructure to meet with the demands of commercial traffic, deep sea fishing and naval repairations.

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