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Center, distant horizons









Center, distant horizons Located in the center of the Republic Argentina, the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Santa Fé, Córdoba and San Luis show the singular natural beauty, it relates the eloquent history and it describes the profiles of the cultures that forged the region, besides offering the whole tourist infrastructure that characterizes it for decades.

When knowing this terruño the tourist meets with a significant potential of attractiveness when carrying out activities.

In Córdoba and San Luis will find seductive serranías landscapes, the one on the way to the High Summits, the magnificent engineering works in diverse reservoirs, the lakes artificial ideals for the fishing and nautical activities, the Jesuit Stays, ascensions to unforgettable summits and strong and modern cities with an own cultural life are the main axes that motivate a tourism during the whole year.

Towards the Northwest of these plains are the Sierras of Córdoba. The highest peak, Mount Champaquí, towers some 2,790 meters above its surroundings. Its fertile valleys contrast with deserts and salt pans, a particular-1y appealing landscape. Towards the North, scattered chapels and 'estancias" begin to appear. These constructions date back to the 17th and 18th centuries, and many of them are a Jesuit legacy.

This group of pleasant images is ideal to go on four trax excursions, hiking, horse riding or mountain bike excursions, photographic safaris, rural tourism to taste mountain dishes in ecologic farms and also to enjoy a trip to the past as you go on a historical and cultural tour to places that have been professed Heritage to Humanity.

In Santa Fé found Rosario's city that is one of the biggest cities in the Argentina with their great port taken a bath by the river Parana.

The thermal waters of Río Hondo are in Santiago del Estero they complete the tourist offer for the healing powers of relevance internacional. 

All these reasons and many more they are those that forge to the central area as the best option in the heart of the country. 
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