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How to get there








Asphalted roads, steps cordilleranos, airports with flights regular and numerous companies of passengers' bus facilitate the displacement toward, from and for a vast portion of the mountainous territories of the counties of Catamarca and The Rioja.


Routes catamarqueñas and riojanas


The asphalted routes prevail, but long rubble tracts still exist, that which demands to carry to an extreme cautions if one doesn't have conduction experience in this surface. Numerous badenes indicates the bed of rivers or streams that in rainy season or after a strong storm they usually cut the roads.

Mountain roads
It is recommended to only traffic serpentine roads during the day and when there are not low clouds to avoid accidents for scarce visibility. Before taking the curves horn it should be played and to maintain the vehicle hey the due rail.
International steps


To leave the country (Chile ) it is indispensable to take the DNI, the identification of identity (of the Federal Police) or the passport.

Migrations don't accept, any concept, the documentation certificates in step

Inform on state of routes

In the offices of Tourism, stations of service and of Police it is informed on the state of the roads.

With high caution
When consenting to the steps cordilleranos and the region puneña they should be considered it absence of aid mechanic and the extreme meteorological conditions.
The central area of the biggest cities is regulated by parking systems measured during the skilled days. In general, it governs from 7 o'clock up to 22 o'clock, except during the nap.
To arrive for air
The airport assists regular flights in the interior they only exist secondary aerodromes
The puna from the sky
Occasionally they are carried out flights chárter among the capital catamarqueña and the town puneña of Antofagasta of the Sierra that save those approximately between both 300 km of distance places.
Bus of long distance

Numerous companies of transport railcar of passengers link the main internal towns of the county, like with the rest of the country. From the bus terminal they leave numerous services toward the towns of the interior.


  How to get there in car to Tinogasta  
Leave San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca and continue for local route until the intersection with the national route 38, I continued until the crossing with national route 60, it went by Aimogasta. Advance for national route 60 until Tinogasta

Taxi Agencies and Taxi Service
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