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It embraces a surface of 200 km², to which it is necessary to incorporate the areas of the lands won to the river, and those that are continued stuffing according to that settled down in a series of laws and ordinances.
This filler process consists of two main stages: the first one understood a ring 200 hectares that beginning to the height of the City Sport Boca Júniors, it finishes in the South border of the Yacht Argentinean Club, it has already been concluded; as long as there is you it is carrying out the second stage that consists on the rellenamiento of the internal part of the ring, until covering a surface of 450 hectares. All these lands were dedicated to the creation of green spaces, recreation areas and installation in predetermined places, of offices and public buildings, but the formation of a solid island in the one that were appearing more and more complex forms of life: mounts of Creole sallows, poplars, olive trees; lagoons with batrachians and fish; mammals and reptiles common to the area of the first floor Paraná and almost 140 species of birds, many far away from decades of the urban environment, it motivated the abandonment of the previous project and it was declared the area like natural park and ecological reservation.

The small area where settles the City of Buenos Aires it is part of the plain pampeana whose crystalline basement corresponding to the solid one of Brasilia, is buried 300 m of depth, covered by sedimentary layers of origin continental and marine.

Their surface is slightly wavy, finishing off in a coast barrancoso, like it can be appreciated in the Park Lezama, to the South of the city whose height oscillates between the 10 and 20 meters; this ravine is also observed in the area of Belgrano, in the North part of the capital. In other sectors, this ravine has disappeared due to the erosive process of the waters, and when working of the man in its advance with the construction.

Likewise the coast line has advanced toward the East, when being made the filler from the old beach to the foot of the ravine, to build the Port of Buenos Aires, (Dock South, Madero and Nuevo), like for the filler of the river mentioned previously.

The rivers
Numerous courses of water furrowed the current City of Buenos Aires, those which practically have disappeared for filler, or due to the entubamiento works that they have been object. Such the case of the zanjones Matorras and Pomegranate trees, and the streams Vega, Third of Meek, Medrano, Cildáñez and Maldonado; being Exactly this last one the most extensive whose journey corresponds to the current Avenue Juan B..
The Creek takes a bath the city in its South sector, it is channeled partly and partly rectified; their nascent ones are located in the party of General The Heras, denominándos river of the Slaughter, taking that name until the limit with the city of Buenos Aires; their main one flowing it constitutes it the stream Morales, located in the conurbano from Buenos Aires.

Finally the importance of the mass of water should be mentioned constituted by the river of the Silver (the widest in world) that it assures the provision of drinkable water to the city, and that it represents its natural commercial road, since on its right margin settles the Port of BuenosAires, although the operation of the same one is urged by the continuous ones dredged of the silts of the river that should be made to assure a minimum depth of sailing.

The one poured of efluentes as well as of waste cloacales and industrial in the courses of water without previous treatment, during many years, it has determined a high grade of contamination of the same ones that acquires particular relevance in the basin of the river of the Silver, since of this the water it is extracted for the consumption of the population of the metropolitan areas and aledañas to the same one, situation that has taken to the authorities to the search of a concrete solution for this serious problem.
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