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Hiking or long walks is an activity that practices in all type of lands, and does not have restrictions of age, sex or physical training conditions.
As in all activity diverse degrees of difficulty exist, and it is possible to be raising gradually as it is acquired experience. The routes are divided in four types of difficulty: weigh, average, moderate and difficult.
This specialty presents/displays variants like trekking of ascent or ascensionismo, that it requires of previous a physical training and to know certain rules basic security.
In order to make trekking it is good that one considers to adapt the level to the one capacities, for using noticeable lands and it is recommended to take cane, since this one supports 8 % of the corporal weight.
Finally at the time of arming the equipment to make an expedition, it is necessary to remember that each person can load, at the most, until 20 % of his weight , to avoid backaches and waist, reason why it is advised to take enough and necessary.
Recommendations to make Hiking

For a trekking day (in Spanish," senderismo") it is indispensable to take: special footwear to climb, country of coat, lantern, canteen with water, food, eyeglasses with filter of ultraviolet rays and first-aid kit of first aids.

In the list of main recommendations they figure not lowering running (for the risk of twists); not to camp neither to light fire; if it is cloudy or spreads to cloud over, to defer the exit for lack of visibility; and to have special care of to move away the residuals and to deposit them outside of the forest.

Hiking in the Punta Delgada Lighthouse Puerto Madryn
70 kilometers from Puerto Pirámides, on the south west end of Península Valdés, you will find Punta Delgada Lighthouse.
Hiking of Lahuen Co to the Lake Huechulafquen Junín de los Andes
This is a voyage to carry out November to March, the road begins at 1 hour of the thermal baths of Lahuen-co that are located to 64 Km . of Junín of the Andes, going for the route 62 that it takes to ...
Walk for the Reservoir Dike Los Molinos Alta Gracia
The Area Paravachasca has very varied attractiveness, fruit of the relationships between the man and the nature through many years.
The Cumbrecita the pedestrian town La Cumbrecita
This beautiful site of rest and recreation, ideal to enjoy with the family or a partner, is located 1,450 mosl and is the highest village in the province of Córdoba.
Walk for the Route of the Minerals Villa Carlos Paz
This path was traced originally by old miners for the extraction of stones and mica, from the zocavón to the towns.
Hiking for the Cajón Negro Villa La Angostura
You will be able to arrive to this gentle valley from different starting points to suit in a previous chat with the Guide who will advise you and will inform on the most convenient.
Hiking in the Arayanes Forest Villa La Angostura
This forest is located at the southeastern tip of the Quetrihué Peninsula . Quetrihué means in Mapuche "place where Arrayanes grow".
Hiking in Black Lagoon Aluminé
This walk has a half-day duration and it is possible to carry out it of Noviembrea March, although the path not this signalled when being a very open landscape it is difficult to get lost.
Walk to the Mirador of the Valley San C. de Bariloche
This is a walk of 4 hours from Pampas Linda and you will find a forest open of Lengas and from the summit you will see the Glacier Meek River, the Black Snowdrift, the Devil's Throat and the valley of...
Walking to Laguna Verde and Mirador del Pedregoso San C. de Bariloche
In Neumeyer shelter you can do this educative hike with all your family passing by a thick forest and Laguna Verde to Mirador del Pedregoso, from where you will see lake Nahuel Huapi and Bariloche cit...
Trekking to Refugio Otto Meiling San C. de Bariloche
To 18 Km . of Pampas Linda, is reached after two hours of cavalcade by the forest and a hour of walk has more than enough stone and snow or in some four hours everything walking. This trip is by day c...
Walk to the Old Refuge of the Tronador San C. de Bariloche
The "Old" Refuge was, during practically forty years, the pole of activities andinísticas of the area. All the trips guided by the glaciers and picks of the Tronador made use of their facilities. This...
Isla Victoria and Arrayanes Forest San C. de Bariloche
This trip begins at Puerto Pañuelo located on the Lao llao Peninsula on lake Nahuel Huapi's watefront. You can reach Puerto Panuelo by car, bus or tourism vans that leave the city of San Carlos de Bar...
Walking to Laguna del Desierto El Chaltén
From the city of El Chaltén you can go hiking to Laguna del Desierto, a scarcely explored site of surprising beauty and extraordinary possibilities distant only 37 km.
Hiking to the mine of Gold The Carolina San Luis
Depois de vários anos de inatividade, a La Carolina mina de ouro reabre seus túneis com uma visão para uma atividade nova: turismo mineiro no San Luis gama montesa. Uma experiência inesquecível dentro...
Walks for Merlo and their surroundings Merlo
It is walks autoguiadas for non conventional paths, they imply in general a half effort and they allow to enjoy the nature in first plane.
Hiking for Merlo Merlo
Surprise you with the blinding and picturesque mountain environment of Merlo and discover their natural and architectural charms, in a journey for the most important places in the town.
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