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Horse riding







Those that wishes to live a little while different can choose a stroll to horse by the multiple topography of the Argentina and cross mountains, forests, beaches or streams with all the family enjoying beautiful moments.


The ideal is to make this activity by means of cavalcades guided with baqueanos of the zone and in docile Creole horses , totally customary to transport people by the different circuits.


If one is going away to make a short cavalcade is not necessary to know how to mount, a fast one char it theoretical with the guide is sufficient to take the hand him to the reins and the mouth from the animal. When the excursion is of a duration of a day or he is more advisable to have experience not to culminate the exhausted day.


When contracting this class of strolls is good that the quality of the aperos is verified to mount . In order to raise hills he is better to use chairs and long stirrups, whereas if it is going away to walk by the level one a simple affluent message tightened with cinchón reaches to enjoy without problems of the expedition.


The cavalcades do not present/display considerable degrees of difficulty, nor restrictions of sex, age or physical training conditions, is only due to have desire to contemplate the Argentine landscape of a different way.

Riding between forests and dunes Pinamar
For the Av. Bunge leaves the urban helmet of the town and we bend in the street Intermédanos. They had indicated us that at the end of the same one we would find to gift Ismael and, with him, to their...
Cavalcades in Sierra de la Ventana Sierra de la Ventana
From anyone of the towns of the Tourist District of Sierra de la Ventana (Saldungaray, Sierra de la Ventana , Villa ventana, Villa Serrana, La Gruta and Tornquist) the three trips can be made of to ho...
Riding in a sulky in Mar de las Pampas Villa Gesell
Mar de las Pampas is, without exaggerating, the place to make peace with oneself and find the so-longed quietness, or die in the attempt but surrounded by an open forest, virgin beaches and deep silen...
Horse-riding in Valle Chico Esquel
Very near Esquel, you can go on a beautiful ride through Valle Chico, mounted on a sumptuous horse, and appreciate the natural beauties of the area.
Cavalcade of the rifleros Trevelín
This cavalcade of a day of duration lapses in one of those but of 20 spectacular circuits opened up in Trevelin for the practice of this exciting activity.
Cavalcade in the Lake Bagulit Trevelín
This beautiful lake cordillerano , recently declared Tourist Natural Reservation, it is located to the foot of the Conical Hill, limit natural Argentinean - Chilean from whose imposing glacier lowers ...
Cavalcade and sailing for the Costa of the Lake The Silver Río Mayo
The cavalcade is carried out for a typical landscape of the steppe patagónica, in the step it skirted the lake The Silver with a beautiful walk
Riding for the yungas Jujuy
This cavalcade is carried out for the National Park Calilegua, in the itinerary will meet with subtropical forests in the hillsides of the mountain range of the Andes
Reserves Natural Quebrada de los Condores La Rioja
The first rays of the dawn lean out in the horizon. We at great speed leave the capital riojana. We leave the Route behind Nac. Nº 38 and we connect the Route Pcial. Nº 26 until the town of Tama .
Cavalcade "Viven" - To the airplane of the Uruguayans Malargüe
The imposing mark of the Mountain range of the Andes , in Malargüe, invites us to enjoy to full of a cavalcade, and to enjoy the strait contact with the nature
In the Far West, Los Molles, Mendoza Malargüe
Amusement, unique landscape and pleasure to geste sanmartinana are the recipe of the typical cavalcade of mountain of Mendoza . If you choose the one that leaves of Los Molles, you make sure that reci...
Cavalcade to the crater of the Volcano Caviahue-Copahue
To only carry out horse and with baqueano goes for RP26 and then financing the Stream Blanco and Lagoon The Twins. In the road, eternal snow. It concludes in the crater and lagoon that it occupies it....
Adventures in the Mirador of the Traful Villa La Angostura
This walk has a total journey of 10 kilometers and it allows multiple tourist posiblidades as being trekking, cavalcades and mountain bike
Horse -Riding to the viewpoints in Bayo Hill Villa La Angostura
A few kilometers away from downtown La Angostura , we will have the chance of enjoying an amusing horse ride through Bayo Ski Resort. We will enjoy views from different points in the hill.
Cavalcade in San Martin from the Andes San Martín de los Andes
It is an itinerary of five days where will be able to enjoy the possibility of being integrated to the mountain in a means that was, it is and it will be the most reliable, the horse; travel mountaino...
Horse riding to Cerro Belvedere and Cascada Inacayal Villa La Angostura
If of cavalcades in Villa La Angostura , anything better than hiring the services of a good baqueano that can offer some dream circuits for the area that will go you trained to carry out a long trip o...
Cavalcade for hill Abanico San Martín de los Andes
To 5 Km . of the center, in lands of the Community Mapuche Curruhuinca, it can be carried out a cavalcade for the Hill Abanico and to obtain a beautiful panoramic view of San Martin de los Andes, of t...
Cavalcades in Pampas of Ñoequin Caviahue-Copahue
In autumn the baqueanos ascends to the high Mountain range to look for their livestock to go down it to the valleys a winter to happen. It is the Veranada and here we intend you to participate of her ...
Cavalcade Lagoon Negra Tolhuin
Through the cavalcades toward the Lagoon Negra, you can consent to lagoons, forests, cliffs, streams, castoreras and upset them.
Cavalcade Passes Bridges Tolhuin
The cavalcade Passes Bridges it travels the old road that crosses the Mountain range of The Andes , uniting the Stay Harberton with the Estancia Viamonte.
Horse-riding in the end of the world Río Grande
A touristic alternative very much requested today is to live and lodge with the visionary impression of the first settlers, the best reason to visit two estancias in the region, where pleasure and awe...
Cavalcade to Lagoons Cauquenes, Lagoon La Rosada and to the Volcanic Hill San C. De Bariloche
This walk is to a hill of 1861 meters , the road is of 15 km of march, 1000 mts of difference, 4 at 6 hours of march ascent, 3 -5 hours of slope.
Cavalcade to Laguna Ilón San C. De Bariloche
This is a cavalcade easy of the whole day that the mountain range travels and it brings near its main characters to these two discovered points of great beauty and admired years ago already for the fi...
Horse riding to Cerro Campanario San C. De Bariloche
The cavalcades are a different way to know remote landscapes and to enjoy the nature, in Bariloche you will have the opportunity to know the Hill Steeple going into in a serpentine mountain path.
To horse for Salta , the best way to know the Northwest Salta
A good reason for visiting the province of Salta is the opportunity to travel overland and sightsee but preferably without the strident tones of tour guides
Horse riding in the National park Baritú Salta
A generous, humid nature and green dominates this space created in 1974. The density of the flora hinders the entrance of the sun and for the same reason, you can only consent on foot or to mule .
Tafí del Valle a jewel of the Valleys Calchaquíes Tafi del Valle
Traveling 108 kilometers from Tucumán, for the route 38 until Acheral and connecting the RP then 307, you arrives to Tafí of the Valley, this it is the entrance door to the Valleys Calchaquíes.
Riding for the earth of the Inca San Miguel de Tucumán
The ciudacita is of the establishments but inaccessible of what was the Inca county of the Collasuyu. This in the cord of the Aconquija, to 4.400 m ., and you arrives after a cavalcade of three days. ...
Horse riding in El Calafate El Calafate
A nother interesting option to discover and conquer the landscape of El Calafate is to travel around the region mounted on some beautiful horses adapted to transport tourists in this kind of excursion...
A visit to the farm El Rincón in El Calafate El Calafate
In the middle of the steppe and on the banks of the river, constantly escorted by the austral wind like almost all Santa Cruz estancias, Rincón opens its doors to present its landscape and history.
The route Sanmartiniana San Juan
The proposal is to ride following part of the route that the column traveled to the General's control San Martin, in the historical Crossing of the Andes .
Vicunas sanctuary in the National Park San Guillermo San Juan
It is the place more far from San Juan and until today a handful of visitors has only discovered its treasures. Vicuña earth and puma where the nature is erected proud and immaculate.
Horse-riding for Merlo Merlo
The trips or walks to horse can have of different duration. The ideal thing is to carry out them accompanied by guides baqueanos with knowledge of the handling of these animals and of the topography o...
Paradise puntano in summits of Retama San Luis
Very near Potrero de los Funes a new cavalcade goes into in the most unexplored in the cord central puntano. A virgin mountain only altered by bucolic towns lost in the time.
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