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History of Villa Gesell
El hermoso bosque de Villa Gesell




Las playas de Villa Gesell




El muelle de Villa Gesell
Considered as one of the most important seaside resorts and touristic centers on the verge of the Atlantic Ocean, Villa Gesell has an excellent infrastructure to relax , entertain or enjoy to cope with all tastes.

It is situated in Buenos Aires Province, 350 km away from the Federal Capital . You can either get to it by plane to the local airfield that operates national flights or by car or bus through Nº2 National Route until Dolores City. Then, you take Nº63 Route till "Crotto's Corner" where Nº 11 Provincial Route joins and leads you to destination. You can also get to Villa Gesell taking Nº 36 National Route till the junction with Nº 11 Provincial Route.

In this region, an outstanding forestation has been made, fixing the dunes and turning the area into a wood where tamarinds, pine trees, acacias and eucaliptus proliferate. They surround the city which has asymmetrical streets and undulating innovative buidings.

The climate in this region of the country is template with maximum average temperatures of 27º C and minimum average temperatures of 17º C in Summer, being the maximum average temperatures in Winter of 16º C and the minimum of 6º C.
The main attraction of Gesell is its beautiful beach that has a slight steep slope and attracts great number of tourists to enjoy themselves in the inns and coast where beach volleyball, swimming or water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, motorboat rides or fishing are at hand.
Among other joyful alternatives, you can go on four trax crossings till Querandí lighthouse or along Northern Dunas Reservation, enjoy cuatricycle rides, visit the Zoo and the Craftmen Gallery or practice golf in the thoroughly prepared circuit of the city.
Nightlife turns on pubs, discos, theatres or bingos settled to cope with the demands of a public belonging to all ages.
Villa Gesell is the place where man's effort together with nature bring about a beautiful place to relax.
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