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Tandil - Castillos Morisco




Tandil - Cerro El Centinela




Turismo Aventura en Tandil

The Sierra of Tandil belongs to the Mountain System of Tandilia which is conformed by slopes, hills and waves which cover an extension of 300 Km, from the mountains of Quillalauquén in the center of the province up to Cabo Corrientes on the Atlantic ocean, constituting one of the oldest systems in the planet formed more than 2.000 million years ago before the separation of the continents. Originally the System was over 7.000 meters high. The mountains which are part of the system are the Sierra of Olavaria, integrated by Quillalauquén, of the China, Dos Hermanas and Bayas, the later is the highest, reaching the 315 meters; the rounded Sierra of Azul and Tandil, are integrated by those of Tandil where the hill Albión, 502 meters high, stands out; the Sierra of Balcarce, to the east of Tandil, which is constituted by the hills Bachicha, Chata and Vulcán, extending toward the south, in those of Vigilancia, Los Padres and La Peregrina; and the Sierra of La Tinta located to the south of Tandil with south direction, it extends up to the hills of Necochea. The climate is fresh and dry, inviting to be visited during the whole year. Located in the center- southeast center of the province of Buenos Aires, the region has a singular landscape which includes fertile plains, fence and hollows where ferns, cypresses and eucalyptuses are developed, the same as an abundant fauna with species such as: hares, partridges, mules, foxes, teros, ducks and gulls.

Legend of the Moved Stone

Tandil was always identified with that marvel of the nature: the Moving stone of Tandil, whose weight is 100 ton. It is difficult to explain how it swings, nonetheless, keeping its balance on top of a hill which is 294 meters high. The stone collapsed in February, 1912 and it broke into three pieces which can still be seen on the foot of the hill. The moving stone has a romantic legend. It says that the cacique (chieftain) Tandil, broke a religious law of the tribe, causing a rebellion in which his wife took part. She was a beautiful Indian called Mini. Tandil defeated the rebels, the cacique ordered all the rebels should be tied up to a great stone at the top of a hill and lacerated until death. The immolation of Mini took place when the moon appeared in the sky, and in that same instant, a thunder exploded which went rolling toward the hill as an ominous threat. Tandil was shocked when he saw that the stone where Mini had been tied, had a light swinging, while the Indian clamored "Oh, Tandil...mi death will move the mountain and your eyes will see my heart beating in this rock". The supreme prophecy of Mini was completed, because the stone which kept her body, was in constant swinging for many centuries.

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