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Sierra de la Ventana



Sierra de la Ventana
Sierras de la Ventana

The region of Sierra de La Ventana rises high and compact on the plain of the pampas. This system owes its name to the hill La Ventana 1186 meters high, on the rock, a natural formation describes a hole of about eight meters wide and five meters high. From Sierra de La Ventana toward the west and toward the south to the Black River the low lands are featured by lagoons and salt lands. This region of the Salinas Grandes was dominated by the Araucanians, old residents of these lands.

At the end of the XVIII Century and beginnings of the XIX, salt increased its importance when being used for the conservation of the meats that then were exported, so several expeditions were organized for the search of salt. Soldiers conformed the expedition. They fought against the Indian raids, until Roca undertook the Conquest of the Desert in 1878t. The access to the mountains can be eiher by train or by bus. In summer the climate is extremely favorable, it is an ideal place for the practice of adventure tourism.

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