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History of the Reta
Cabalgatas playeras en Reta





Camping Martín Reta



Turismo aventura en Reta
It is a peaceful town balnearia that is in the vera of the Ocean Atlantic, in the county of Tres Arroyos. Reta intends to move away from the spas that possess a vertiginous rhythm suggesting a new alternative for the rest.
To arrive to this region from Tres Arroyos you should travel a total of 84 km consenting from the kilometer 531 of the Route Nac. Nº 3 of pavement until Copetonas, it stops then to connect an on the way to rubble until the destination.
The beach of Retat presents an extension of 30 km, with a wide coast of warm and soft sands, where they extend the days until draining the solar rays for all the activities that can be developed. The temperature is pleasant, belonging together to the temperate climate with abundant winds. The urban plant was forestada generously with poplars, eucalyptuses and coniferous that conform a rural atmosphere with small dunes. The architecture of mediterranean style gives him a charm peculiar to the place. The visitor, besides resting, can carry out aquatic sports, fishing , voyages for the dunes and cavalcades, always enjoying the music coming from the inns and restaurants that emerge the sector all told.
For the surroundings of Reta you can know the river Saldo-Quequén, well-known with the name of Mupunleufú, capable for the practice of sport fishing of pejerreyes, soles and corvine. Different birds can also be sighted.
Other places of interest are the Tunnel Submedanal, the Dune Blanco and the sunken ship.
In the nights, the amusement is in the bars and discos of the spa, where they are organized parties until the dawn. Reta is , a place to be allowed to seduce in a nonpareil territory.

The spa takes the name of Retain homage to gift Martin Reta who was its main instigator in the decade of the '20. This son of Spanish immigrants dreamt of making of the town not only a tourist place but also a marine port for the party of Tres Arroyos.
In January of 1927 conformed to a society integrated by the own one Reta and Claudio Rodríguez Otero with the purpose of promoting the construction of the town spa. By the middle of that year he was carried out the urban appearance and Rodríguez Otero assumed the representation of the Society Populate Spa Reta.
The interest that had wakened up in the villagers the foundation of a new town was reaffirmed when gift Emilio of the Street was founded, the 24 January of 1928, the tourist colony Bartolomé Mitre, dedicated to harbor students, teachers and journalists. At the beginning of the following year the works of the first hotel of the spa ended, which called you Hotel Beach. Reta was founded 28 November of 1929, officially according to that prepared then by the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Dr. Vergara.
After the realization of the first loteo, the society that had founded the town sold the lands that Mr. Domingo Rago. In 1936 bought a part of these lands the company Iribarne-Casanova. In 1945 these they spent at the hands of San Sebastian S. A. In the same year the first school it was inaugurated, in 1955 the Church Sacred Family, in 1962 arrived to Reta the phone service and newly in 1978 the electric light.
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