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Histories of the place

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The The Atlantic coast expands a long one of the that of 1.280 kilometers, 500 of the they count of which of they make them traps the one equipped of the spas. The party of the That of the the Costa, extends of the you a long one of the that of the kilometers of the a hundred. It counts they make traps the natural of the attractiveness the and a tourist offer of the level of the primer. You consents to the different costs using diverse and numerous media, as well as by means of excellent routes that travel the coast parallelly. The Party of the Costa is in the southeast of the county from Buenos Aires to some 320 kilometers of the city of Buenos Aires. To the north it limits with the Bay of Samborombón, to the east the Argentinean Sea, to the west the route Interbalnearia N° 11 separate it of the party of General Lavalle, to the south the limit is given by an imaginary line that it has more than enough the end of Tip Dunes it indicates the beginning of the Party of Pinamar. Inside these limits, they are the towns of:


Chronology of Shipwrecks


Inside the party of the coast, several they were the happened shipwrecks

1784: Rosseweld , it was an English pirate ship that was on board in the proximities of the costs of the Viceroyalty with great quantity of wealth. San Antonio shipwrecked in the south region of the end. This is the looked for in all the ships collapsed by their historical interest and for their booty.

1873: Margaretha: schooner of type brig of three sticks. It took load in general for the route Europe-Pacific going by Magellan's strait. It is the craft badge of Sea of it Aged that uses Santa Margarita María of Alacoque like their employer. The image is exhibited in a pillar of the parochial garden it is the same one that arrived with the ship in the year 1873. During the annual low tide of April and September the ship is visible during 15 days.


1878: Karnack: it was a German vapor belonging to the company Kosmos that carried out the career Hamburg-ports of the Pacific. After some difficulties in Peru and Montevideo, it beached definitively in Tip Dunes January 23.

1883: Her Royal Highness: It is to 13 Km to the south of the lighthouse San Antonio (Common Tip). Their cuadernas arises from the sea to a depth six meters. Their mission was to unite Montevideo with Valparaíso and The Callao, but it beached March 14.

1890: Anna : a built ship almost completely of iron, it was one of the biggest crafts in their time, it had 72 length meters and 18 of sleeve. In Palenten several doors and wooden objects are conserved.

1924: Mar del Sur: Argentinean vapor that beached because of a storm and it caught fire. The load consisted on merchandises that it transported from Buenos Aires to the ports of the South. Their remains, a boiler and unrecognizable parts are between the spas of San Bernardo of the Tuyú and Lucila del Mar

1936: Vencedor: Ship motor coastal traffic cargo carrier that made trips from Buenos Aires until Mar del Plata. t beached very near Mar de Ajó in April 24. It was property of the company Mihanovich. Their remains are in the stay San Pedro and in the complex The Margarita.


1942: El Triunfo: Merchant of coastal traffic going to Mar del Plata. It is said that the ship was sunk intentionally since when leaving Buenos Aires its flotation line it indicated a certain kilaje, but in the moment to shipwreck its load it was of salt. This when joining with the water, was dissolved and it disappeared of the cellars. This way their owners charged the insurance of the load, affirming that the shipment had been plundered by the villagers.


San Clemente del Tuyu


it is the first city of the party of the Costa, in the county of Buenos Aires. To be the first I center spa that is taken a bath by the Argentinean Sea, in their north end it marks the fork among the Ocean Atlantic and the River of the Silver.
It is to 292 km of the Federal Capital, and you can consent through the Route Nac. Nº 36 that then connects with the Route Pcial. Nº 11 in the Corner of Crotto, passing Pipinas.
It is par excellence a coastal tourist city, in which the main attractiveness constitutes it its soft ones and you calm beaches with fine sands and weigh waves medanosas, skirted profusely by areas forestadas.
It possesses a fresh and pleasant climate, with a summery half temperature of 24º C, being the maxim of 33º C, when they don't blow the winds of the sea, soft and humid. The marine currents maintain the lightly temperate waters. This area doesn't present abundant precipitations.
The urban nucleus possesses a heterogeneous construction, with buildings of several floors, suggestive chalets and modern hotels that conjugate the excellence and the comfort with its people's hospital warmth.
Among the most outstanding attractiveness that cannot be stopped to know in the step for San Clemente of the Tuyú, they figure: Marine World, the biggest oceanario in South America. It was born as a tourist complex and of entertainments, to diffuse, to investigate and to make know the wonderful beings that inhabit the ocean, as dolphins, orcas, marine wolves and penguins, educating, entertaining and lavishing happiness to boys and big, in a property of 17 there are.
Common tip, an ideal place for the fishing of the corvine quarter note. It presents welcoming landscapes and evenings inigualables. It is the ideal place to carry out avistaje of birds to be an obligatory stop of thousands of migratory birds that arrive from the north hemisphere.
Bay Risks, a thematic park that San Antonio works in the property of the Lighthouse where they are carried out different activities of observation of the nature in walks guided by guides experts.
Nursery Cosme Argerich, a park that offers all the comforts for one day to pass outdoors with an immense grove and pretty walks that offer a healthy experience.
Besides all the nautical activities that can be practiced from the coast, as windsurf, jet ski or embarked walks, the shipwrecks of old crafts can also be known, so characteristic of the place.
San Clemente of the Tuyú, simply a paradise to enjoy with the whole family.


Las Toninas


This balenario urban was builded Carlos Siklasek in 1960. It possesses reduced services, but great offer of houses and departments. It possesses a sector of rural beaches to the north, from where walks can be made on foot. When the tide is low, to 6 km the cuadernas of the ship emerges of the sea Her Royal Highness. The ship shipwrecked, in 1883 road from Montevideo to Valparaísoy Callao, produced write-offs. The captain George settled down and he died in the stay The Englishmen.


Santa Teresita


Located to 310 km of the Federal Capital, it limits to the north with the town of The Toninas, to the south with Sea of the Tuyú, to the west with the party of Gral. Lavalle and to the east with the majestic Argentinean Sea that transforms it into a coastal tourist city of grateful trajectory.
Sacred Teresita is a traditional place of I vacation that many tourists choose for the family ambient matter that is generated. It possesses diverse tourist attractiveness that grant the most varied proposed so much to pass the time as to rest.
Inmersa in a climate of temperate type, their summer is pleasant, with a temperature that oscillates between the 21º and 33º C. In winter, colder and more humid, the temperature varies between the 0º and 17º C.
In summery season you can arrive to this region by surface mail, the easiest way is using the Route Interbalnearia (Route Pcial. Nº 11), until the destination.
The visitor meets with extensive beaches where she can enjoy the kindness of the sea, the sun and the sand carrying out coastal activities-walks in cuatriciclos, walks, cavalcades-, or from the water, practicing swimming or nautical sports as jet ski, windsurf, aquatic ski, among others.
An excellent way to know the city is through a city tour, in which are discovered the remarkable cultural resources, the architecture of the place and the most curious data in the history of Santa Teresita.
The most outstanding places in this calm city balnearia are the Neighborhood Park Golf, the Caravel Santa María and the banquina of fishermen and artisans, where it can buy himself the freshest fish in the whole area.
On the surroundings of Santa Teresita, it is a forest of pines that it invites to walk being rediscovered with the tranquility and the harmony characteristic of the nature.

Mar Del Tuyu

The city has 38.000 inhabitants and is head of the Municipality of the Costa that nuclea the neighboring spas until Mar de Ajó Of sandy floor, with scarce vegetation. It is spa of low and dispersed houses, appropriate for calm life of beach. The commercial street gathers the walk in the afternoon; for further bustle it is necessary to move to Santa Teresita that is almost a continuity. The beaches are wide and little converged. It has a hotel capacity.
This seated on a division of the field Duhau, in 1942 the gentlemen D'Elías and Qrago sold the first parcels, among streets 50 and 54. Then, the other ones were sold for it finishes off.

Costa Del Este

It is a beautiful afforestation with some houses of varied construction, with wide avenues that open up among the forest of big copies, wide, ideals for very calm vacations, with forest and sea. Their visit is a pleasant walk. It doesn't have hotels neither I trade and there is a single restaurant. In front of the beach the complexes of shared time appear, with excellent services, stuck to the international chains of tourist exchange.
Been founded by Fidel Zabala and Emilio Doura in 1966, the afforestation was carried out by the nursery Cosme Argerich. Stabilizing a marine front dune, and planting a first array of tamarisks and acacias. This way the fixation of a dune was achieved forestada that reduces the force of the oceanic winds densely. Then they were begun to plant pines of different species, besides eucaliptus, poplars and sallows, located strategically according to their resistance to the sea breezes.

Aguas Verdes

It is of wide beaches and little converged, with scarce construcaón of houses; it is a family and calm place. Without hotels, for trade it depends on San Bernardo. The on spa with services is in the arrival to the beach. This is of 100 m of wide, but it covers it the high tide; the dunes are fixed with tamarisks.

Lucila del Mar

Spa of group of houses and chalets of medium size and built with great continuity. It gets used to be mobilized in bicycles, beach life is made and it depends for its provision of San Bernardo.
Created in 1954, when a real estate signature sold an important group of lots. The beaches, of 50 m of wide in tide lower, they finish off in a cord of dunes of 4 m, fixed with tamarisks.


San Bernardo y Costa Azul


City balnearia located on the marine coast from Buenos Aires, is to 325 km of Federal Capital, inside the party of the Costa.
Mated with the city of Sea of it Aged to be united by the same Av. Coastal, it presents narrow beaches where thousands of families and especially young, they are given appointment to enjoy the sun of the Argentinean summer.
San Bernardo's climate is of the pleasant temperate type, with a temperature annual average of 22º C with maximum of 33º C during the warmest month.
To arrive to the city you can use the Route Nac. Nº 36 until connecting with the Route Pcial. Nº 11 to the height of Pipinas, and of there for the same one until the destination; or for the Freeway Nº 2 until Dolores, connecting the Route then 63 until the Corner of Crotto and turning to the right for the Route Pcial. Nº 11 until San Bernardo.
During the last years the city has had a continuous growth that positions it as a place of reference of the whole Atlantic coast. The urban public land is compound for modern buildings and classic surrounded chalets of old trees that testify San Bernardo's years.
The pedestrian street Juan Carlos Chiozza is before an obliged step or after a beach day, because it harbors multiple trade whose offer satisfies the visitor's likes.
On the coast, beach activities as beach voley, disk championships, jet ski, windsurf or walks in cuatriciclo are carried out for big and boys.
Excellent places to enjoy the natural thing, where pines and eucalyptuses give the suitable mark to places with history of San Bernardo, they are the Square Don Bosco or the Square of the Family.
Another place of remarkable interest to know is the Observatory of the Costa where other planets, galaxies and constellations can be observed.
Also from the beach you can hire an exit of embarked fishing or to carry out it from the jetty. It is an activity very relaxant during which preys like sea breams, palometas, corvine, mere, soles or codfishes can be obtained.
In San Bernardo's outskirts it is possible to consent to Tip Dunes, an esparcimiento place that presents important dunes and dunes, ideals to walk to horse, in fourtrax or in vehicles all land.
The night life is very upset, since bill with pubs, disks, theaters and bingos that receive the visitor with different proposals for all the ages.

Nueva Atlantis

It is an ideal place for the fishing, capable it stops to modality of the globe that when the wind is favorable it transports from the Costa the line with the fishhook, until an approx. distance 300 m sea inside. Precarious place, without services to camp.


Mar de Ajo


It is a tourist coastal center from Buenos Aires of great relevance inside the region of the party of the Costa that presents a warm family atmosphere offering to the varied visitor and amusing walks in the surroundings of the city.
Located in the vera of the Ocean Atlantic it has a pleasant temperate climate with a temperature annual average of 22º C with maximum of 33º C during the warmest month.
It is possible to consent to this city from Federal Capital through the Route Nac. Nº 36 until connecting with the Route Pcial. Nº 11 to the height of Pipinas, and of there for the same one until the destination; or for the Freeway Nº 2 until Dolores, connecting the Route Nº then 63 until the Corner of Crotto and turning to the right for the Route Pcial. Nº 11 until Mar de Ajó
During many years this town was known as Beach The Margarita in homage to the name that had a craft shipwrecked on these costs.
The city possesses an important business center with all the comforts that the visitor requests.
Among the varied esparcimiento possibilities, Sea of it Aged it offers their beaches with a soft decline toward the sea that breaks in a wide one and straight line bands sandy of several kilometers that is usually invaded by clams and other shellfish, where they are carried out the most varied nautical activities.
Among the places but outstanding it is the Jetty of Fishing that has a long of 270 m and a structure of armed concrete that positions it as the biggest in the jetties that possesses the whole party of the Costa, ideal to enjoy an excellent fishing day.
Toward the south of Mar de Ajo an area of big dunes it begins in the area of Tip Dunes where walks can be made horse or in cuatriciclos.
In the city one cannot stop to know the Monument The Liberator and the sea, the shipwreck The Margarita, and at night the Casino of the city that possesses wide and comfortable facilities located in the first floor of the Gallery Beach with roulette tables and black jack, eats likewise, variety in electronic machines.
The lovers of the motoring take their place in Sea of it Aged the city since it possesses to the Regional Racing circuit Rubén Luis I gave Palm, located in a property of 360 there is in front of the city.
To carry out a desert rest with the whole family in a place of the Atlantic coast anything better than Mar de Ajó .

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